Now is Homeselling Season and for sale by owner through Picket Fence Preview is the Best Way!

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William and Antoinette Supple help people sell their own homes and save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions!

The biggest myth in real estate is that you need an agent to sell your home. Many people mistakenly believe that selling a house is complicated when, if fact, it is quite simple. Nationwide almost 1 in 3 homes are sold by the owners (in Vermont it's about 1 in 2!) and we have helped tens of thousands of homeowners sell their own homes through their for sale by owner real estate publication Picket Fence Preview and books!

"We are not real estate agents, we are homeowners just like you! We started in this business because when we were looking for a house we soon became frustrated with the out-dated and inefficient methods used by real estate agents to buy and sell homes. Our homeselling techniques are based on common-sense, applicable to every seller and they work! We have learned that selling by owner is less stressful, more convenient, more successful and saves thousands of dollars (a 6% sales commission on a $200,000 house is $12,000)."

Our advertisers learn:

  • The advantages of selling your own home
  • How to accurately price the house
  • How to enhance the look of your house for little or no money
  • How to advertise effectively, show your house, how to negotiate
  • How to handle the paperwork
  • What to do with those thousands or tens of thousands of dollars that you've saved by selling on your own!

William & Antoinette Supple are publishers of Picket Fence Preview - a for-sale-by-owner real estate guide headquartered in Burlington Vermont, with franchised publications in several Northeastern states. Picket Fence Preview was started with the idea that homesellers needed an effective advertising vehicle to sell their homes without using a real estate agent. William F. Supple, Jr., Ph. D., a former neuroscience professor at the University of Vermont, is author of How to Sell Your Own Home. The book is unique because the information came from thousands of actual homesellers describing the techniques and practices that worked in their situation. The book empowers the homeowner with the knowledge and confidence to successfully sell their own home. The Supples have appeared on several TV shows including CNBCs Money Club and Money Tonight.

for sale by owner through Picket Fence Preview