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   …from start to finish. 

Picket Fence Preview is an advertising and marketing service for property owners selling real estate (houses, condos, land, commercial/investment) privately, or “by owner”.  We provide internet and print magazine media exposure, yard signs, a very helpful How to Sell Your Own Home book and documents needed for the sale (Contracts, sellers’ disclosure forms, etc.).

Property sellers pay only an advertising fee to Picket Fence Preview. Interested buyers will contact you directly by email or phone. You do the showing, we help advertise to bring buyers to you. Attorneys and lenders will step in and assist with the process once you have a buyer lined up.

How do I advertise? What do I do?

You provide the advertising material – photos and description (Picket Fence can help with the write-up, if desired.  See  Ad writing services >>>


There are two ways to advertise with Picket Fence:


Internet Only Ads        or      Magazine + Internet Ads

For Internet Advertising Packages:  Property owners wishing to advertise online can post their own ad and pay online.  Ads are active for one, three or six months.  You will receive a reminder by email and phone a day or two before your ad expires. 

Advertising fees are as low as $59/month (monthly rate varies by location)

Click here for internet ad rates and information

We will mail the 'How to Sell Your Own Home' book & sales contracts/document package.

For Magazine + Internet Ad (and Yard Sign) Packages: 

Magazine ad packages include internet  advertising and a yard sign*.  Plus, magazine advertisers receive additional free time online prior to their magazine ad appearing – as much as 30 days!  Deadlines are typically the 15th of the month (eg. May 15 for June magazine)  Note: Magazine advertising is highly recommended for a number of reasons. For example, for the more rural counties that don’t see as much buyer internet traffic.


First, decide what size ad you’d like to advertise your home. The ad sizes range from 1 photo / 40 word description (1/8 page) to Full page (8–10 photos / 200+ word description)

Next, decide the length of time you’d like to advertise. Options are 1, 2, and 3 month packages. Keep in mind that you’ll receive up to 30 days free internet time before your magazine ad starts.

What does the magazine + internet package cost? 
as low as $179/month

Internet only advertising rates are detailed above.

Click here to see magazine ad package rates and current deadline information (also in middle of printed magazine):  

Once you’ve decided about the ad package you’d like, or if you have any questions, call, email (or stop by) Picket Fence Preview at 802-660-3167 / 800-201- 0338 to place your ad.  DO NOT PAY ONLINE FOR A MAGAZINE AD PACKAGE.

Our 1 Kennedy Dr., So. Burlington office is open 9:00–1:00 M-F July. 9:00 - 4:00 August

To submit your photos and description by email use this address:
You'll receive a confirmation that the material was received and we will contact you.

Payment is expected at the time of ad placement.  If desired, your free online ad will be activated the same day.

What’s included?

• Full-color, upscale magazine advertising to showcase your property

• Effective internet advertising on our very popular website

• Professional Full-size Yard sign

• Picket Fence's proprietary 160-pg How to Sell Your Own Home book

• All the forms and contracts needed to sell

• Expert guidance and advice based on 25 years successfully helping people just like you sell and save.

What about the Legal aspects?  Don’t I need an agent to do all the paperwork?

First, Picket Fence Preview will provide you with a document packet that includes an offer form, Seller’s disclosure, Purchase & Sales contract forms, Smoke detector disclosure and various Tips & info sheets.  

Second, as a seller you will need to have an attorney to file your Warranty Deed and take care of any State property transfer tax documents, as well as assist you with your final Purchase & Sale Contract and other documents (Picket Fence highly recommends that sellers do NOT sign a real estate contract without first having their attorney review it!)

Third, you will need an real estate attorney whether you use Picket Fence or a real estate agent.  You are best served to have an attorney representing you directly, looking out for your best interests.

When do I contact an attorney?

Most attorneys seem to prefer to be contacted once you have a buyer making an offer.  However, for properties that might have issues complicating the closing, such as liens, storm water or permitting issues, it is best to have your attorney take care of those right away so that your closing won’t be delayed.

There must be a catch… this seems too easy.  Why are commissions so expensive if this is all it takes?

The big difference is that you are showing your own property, taking care of your own marketing, and setting up your own appointments.  Agents charge you 6% to do those things that are best performed by you anyway. If you’re okay answering a few emails or phone calls, and can handle showing someone around your property, you can do this.

 What about MLS?  Don’t I need that?

No, you don’t need MLS at all.  The Picket Fence Preview and the internet has “leveled the playing field” from the old days, when the MLS catalog was the only way to see all the properties on the market.  Nowadays, anyone can google keywords to search what they’re looking for.  Picket Fence Preview places very well on most word searches, most often showing up on the first or second page...often ahead of all the realtors! PLUS all the agents search Picket Fence who needs MLS!


If you really feel that you want the MLS we offer a better MLS because your contact information is on your MLS ad! Other MLS services list only the agent's info...forcing you to rely on the agent to relay inquiries to you. With our MLS you receive the inquiry directly: no games, no tricks, no hassles! Best of all with our 6 month web ad, the MLS is FREE


CLICK here to get started posting your internet ad


Click here to email your magazine ad materials (photos, description)


Feel free to call us 660-3167 or 800-201-0338 or email bill@picketfencepreview with questions