Linden tea - Learn the secret of this amazing drink!

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The properties that linden tea possesses are the reason for which everyone should have this product in its kitchen. Linden tea is a unique drink that is perfect for health, supporting immunity and struggling with a cold. This product helps with innumerable health problems, so learn about the properties of this amazing drink!

What is lime tea?

Linden tea is nothing more than linden flowers, which contain many amazing ingredients. These include:

• Vitamin C, PP
• Organic acids
• Mineral salts
• Flavonoids
• Tanins
• Phytosterols

Thanks to this, tea is the owner of a number of unique properties that support the work of the body and are allies in the fight with many ailments. What properties does it have?

• has a diuretic action
• Medicine from cramp
• against itching
• Soothes irritation
• Supports skin condition
• helps to fight cold

Supports digestion

Thanks to its antispasmodic properties and support for the development of digestive juices, lime tea is ideal for combating digestive problems. It facilitates discomfort and has a diastolic effect.

It has soothing properties

Linden tea may be an alternative to Melissa. It is often used as tea, and also add to the baths to calm, relax and soften their nerves after a hard day. It can also be used at the moments of hyperactivity or nervous attacks, since this tea effects perfectly on the nervous system.

Supports the fight against colds

Lime tea is perfectly coping with the symptoms of a cold - a runny nose, cough, sore throat, fatigue, hoarseness, increasing temperature. He also relieves irritation of the respiratory tract and can be one of the types of rehydration, since this action is extremely important during the disease, but in such a situation it is worth remembering additional hydration due to its diuretic properties.

the beauty

This product is ideal for reassuring skin irritation, so the holders of sensitive skin can feel satisfied. Lime tea also helps well with miniature inflammatory skin diseases.

Provides a diastolic action

If there are problems with a digestive system or menstrual pain, tea from linden - a great way to remove pain. It allows you to quickly stand up and guarantees that the pain will not return.