Directional Signs Lead the Way Home

Professional Directional and Open House signs lead the way to your property.


These weatherproof plastic signs are sturdy, measure 18" x 8" and stand 3 feet high on a stand that won't blow in the breeze.  


Place the HOME FOR SALE, CONDO FOR SALE or CAMP FOR SALE signs at choice points along the route to your home.Don't risk the buyer getting lost on an appointment to see your property and capture drive-bys who are in the area looking at other homes!


The LAND FOR SALE sign is a great marker for your land, directing buyers to your property.


Place the OPEN HOUSE sign out on the main roads leading to your property during the times of your open house and in front of your property so buyers know they've found it.




COST: $12.50 plus sales tax - includes stand. Available only at Picket Fence or email


TIP - On main roads be sure that they are placed at least 10ft off the white line, otherwise the town or state may remove them.