Preparing to advertise with Picket Fence

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There are four basic steps

1. Prepare yourself by managing your expectations.
Knowing what to expect will help ensure your ultimate success of selling the property and avoiding tens of thousands in real estate commissions.
For example, knowing how long it will take, on average, for a property in your region to sell will help you understand that most people, while it can happen, do not sell in one day or one week.

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Also, many sellers needlessly worry about the legal aspects of selling real estate. DON'T! A real estate sale is a legal transaction handled by a real estate attorney. Your attorney plays the same role whether you sell through Picket Fence or were to sell with a real estate agent.

2. Decide how you want to advertise with Picket Fence.
We offer magazine package ads that include everything we offer (Upscale magazine print ads, internet ad and professional yard sign). Those who have the most success maximize their exposure by doing the magazine package appreciating that the print ad and the web ad work together. We do offer internet only advertising as well for those who’d rather just advertise online.

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3. Select the ad size and term.
If you feel that showing just the exterior of your property is adequate, then a 1/8 pg (one photo/40 words) or 1/6 pg (one photo/60 words) ad is appropriate. If you want to show off your kitchen, living room or great view, then a 1/4 pg (2 photos/80 words), 1/2 pg (4-5 photos/ 80-100 words) or Full page (5-10 photos, 80-200 words) is appropriate. Keep in mind that all web ads allow for up to 8 photos and a more extensive description (80-150 words).

The objective of the description is to intrigue/motivate potential buyers enough to schedule a personal visit - this is when the sale occurs. If you would like Picket Fence to review your description just ask. 25 years of experience can help refine your ad to attract the right buyers.

4. Send in your photos and written description.

Tips on writing your description >>>
Tips on taking great photos of your property >>>

There are 3 ways to accomplish this:

A. You can start the ad yourself by entering your name and contact information right here. This will automatically set up your account.  If you have your photos and description on this computer you can cut-and-paste the description into your account and then upload the images as well.

After you upload the photos you will be prompted to pay to activate the online ad...or call or email Picket Fence to activate the ad if you prefer to pay over the phone.

NOTE: Picket Fence will prepare your print magazine ad.

B. You, or someone on your behalf, can email your description and photos to Picket Fence and we’ll post the online ad and prepare your magazine ad (if you are requesting a package ad). If you have questions regarding how to do this please call us 660-3167 or 800-201-0338 and we’ll walk you through it.

Where to send the email:

C. Come into the office with your ad material. Photos on all types of media will work: color prints, thumb drives, CDs, computers, cell phones we can transfer. Description: handwritten, typed, or you can write it here.
One Kennedy Drive L5, South Burlington Vt 05403