Picket Fence Preview + MLS Advertising

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A New Way to Advertise Your Property: 6 month Picket Fence + MLS ads

Agents now allow private sellers to advertise their property in MLS (multiple listing service). You can take advantage of this directly through Picket Fence and avoid paying a 6% commission!  For just the cost of an ad in Picket Fence, you get the powerful exposure of Picket Fence Preview web advertising PLUS additional marketing exposure from your ad being in the agent's MLS website as well.


If a buyer is in the market for a property like yours, they will not miss it because it will is advertised virtually everywhere they could possibly be looking!


YOU are IN CONTROL No need to pay 6% to get into MLS any longer


Commission (1-3% range) - You decide how much incentive you want to offer agents who might see your property in MLS. Obviously, if the buyer finds it through Picket Fence, you don't owe anyone a commission. However, should a buyer broker find it on MLS, YOU control how much YOU pay...not the agents! YOU determine how much to offer at the time YOU post your ad in the MLS. (NOTE: buyer broker commissions are negotiable and are typically 1-3% of the sales price). Factoring in this possibility when setting your asking price enables you to cover all the bases and come out ahead!


Convenience - You decide when to show the property and to whom. If it is advantageous for you to prioritize showings to private buyers, that's your call. You schedule your own showings convenient to your schedule.


Our MLS is Better - The services we use are better for you, the private homeseller, because agents contact you directly from the information your MLS ad! Other MLS services list only the agent's information...forcing you to rely on the agent relaying inquiries on your ad to you. With our MLS you receive the inquiry directly because the showing directions explicitly require that you be contacted directly!  No games, no tricks, no hassles! No need to pay 6% to get into MLS any longer...pay buyer's agents as little as 1%, and pay $0 to if buyers have no agent!


How It Works


Very simple. Place a 6 month ad package ad and you get the MLS included. Because MLS ads are a minimum of 6 months, internet package ads are also six months duration. There are no shorther term MLS packages available.


(PicketFencePreview.com web ad can have up to 20 photos and unlimited description. You must post your own MLS ad, which is then reviewed by a third party real estate agent and activated. The MLS description must be limited to 1500 characters however).


Payment is due at the time of ad placement.


Cancellation Policy

While advertising may be discontinued at any time, there are no refunds of any kind for any reason with advertising packages. Sellers are encouraged to wait until the buyer's appraisal and home inspection have been completed before discontinuing marketing the property.


*MLS ads are self-posted by the owner and reviewed by a licensed third-party agent who will post it into MLS. The owner will receive log-in credentials to maintain and manage the MLS ad.