Why it makes sense to buy from Picket Fence Sellers

Why It Makes Sense to Buy Direct from the Homeowner


1.  The Homeowner can answer all of your questions about the property. When you want to know where the land boundaries are, where the school bus picks the kids up, who the neighbors are,  how old the furnace is -- you won't have to wait for someone to "get back to you on that".  You'll have immediate answers to all your questions.   


2.  You know the Homeowner is motivated to sell when they're spending their own money to market the property.  Unlike homeowners listed with agents, private sale  homeowners are actively involved in the process of showing, marketing, and negotiating the sale of their home.  Because of this, they are less likely to overprice their property, as this would waste both time and money.


3. The Homeowner can afford to be more competitive in price.  They don't have to inflate the asking price in order to cover the cost of the real estate commission.     


4. You won't feel pressured to buy something not right for you.  With an agent,  you may feel obligated to make a decision if it's taking some time to find what you're looking for.  Maybe you've change your mind a couple of times about what that is.  Or worse, the agent may try to talk you into a property that's not quite right.  The Homeowner showing you his property by owner doesn't care how long you've been looking -- he's just glad you still are!


5. You can improve your chances of having your offer accepted in a bidding war by simply finding out what's important to the Homeowner -- whether its flexibility with closing dates,  a higher offer, or knowing that you won't tear down the treehouse they spent the better part of a summer building for the kids -- just by asking them questions and getting to know them a little. Have you ever lost out on a house  listed with an agent?  Maybe more than once?  Ever noticed how the seller's agent always has a reason to stall, like the seller is out of town?  Did you know that the selling agent is motivated to "shop the bid" to try and find a buyer that is also working with their agency?  The agency doubles the amount of their commission when the buyer is "in house" (they keep all 6%, vs. splitting the commission with the buyers' agent).  The sellers' agent is motivated by what is best for the agency, as well as him or herself, not necessarily which buyer's offer is best for the seller.  Maintain the maximum amount of control you can by being in direct contact with the homeseller! 


6. Last, but not least, the best properties are on Picket Fence Preview! Why?  Because a confident homeowner, who knows his property is desirable, feels comfortable showing it to others.  He doesn't need to have a real estate agent "sell" the home to prospective buyers; he knows the house will sell itself!


Picket Fence sellers have all the forms and paperwork you'll need to make an offer, draft a contract and close the deal.