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June 1, 2020 - The market is very active right now, displaying much pent-up demand!  We are hearing of multiple offers from all over the state, and many selling above their asking price.  That's the good news. Bad news is that we've also heard of a few deals falling through because buyers are losing jobs and being turned down for mortgage financing, so all sellers should be careful to keep back up names, emails and numbers in the event that happens.

"Turns out it is good market to sell in right now. I had been watching listings on Picket Fence for the past month or so, wondering when people would start to become active. Now is clearly the time! The buyer’s broker found it on I didn’t advertise anywhere else, although I did have a few word of mouth showings/interest first. I had 4 showings and another one potentially in the works, and of those 5 total, 3 were via buyers brokers and 2 directly from buyers."  - Yasmine Z. , Huntington  May 27, 2020
AP $339K   Under contract within 5 days of posting on

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