Market Update: Vermont and Upper Valley of NH

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Chittenden County continued to dominate Picket Fence Preview's sales reported during August, accounting for 65% of the sales (however, 50% of PFP August listings were in Chittenden). Avg. time on the market before an offer was made was roughly 15 days.

Most other Vermont counties were well represented across the board, all with one sale reported†. To put these in perspective, we've included the percent of properties in that county that were listed for at least one day during August. The Avg. Time on the Market (TOM) reported by the sellers represents the length of time on before an offer was made. In some cases, PFP sellers were taking advantage of our MLS package and were also listed on

Avg. TOM      
County % of all PFP properties
Chittenden 15 days 50%
Addison 60 days* 4%
Grand Isle 67 days* 5%
Lamoille 7 days* 5%
Washington 30 days* 19%
Rutland 75 days* 6%
Caledonia 5 days* 6%
Essex 5 months* 1.5%

†All Picket Fence and PFP + MLS sales are self-reported by the Picket Fence property seller. Not all PFP August properties Under Contract are represented here, as some property owners wait until their ad expires or after their closing to report.

* based upon one sale

Outlook for September: Traditionally, the market picks up in the fall after the dog days of summer lull. Job openings, transfers, marriages and other life changes prompt people without kids in school to want to upsize, downsize or just move to a new home. Both buyers and sellers are eager to move before the Holidays, so fall sales usually are brisker than August.