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Picket Fence Preview Market Update & Web Activity

May 2022 - The shortage of homes, particularly single family homes, on the market has created a feeding frenzy among buyers.  Sellers are receiving immediate calls for showings after posting a property on, and offers are being made quickly, often while the showing is taking place. 

"Picket Fence made selling my dream home, well...dreamy.  We knew this house would sell  itself to the right buyer, and it did!" - Kathryn Dewar, Lincoln VT, Apr 20, 2022 $465,000 AP / $503,000 SP

The shortage of single family homes is helping increase the demand for condominiums and duplexes, and investors are snatching up multi-family homes too.  We're seeing open land in greater demand and builder's new developments selling for top dollar as well.

"Hi Toni! OMG! We forgot to let you know. So sorry! It’s been a wild ride. Yes, we sold the house on March 24 to a lovely woman from Washington state for $610,000 (cash buyer). Everything went smoothly and we packed up the truck and left on the 27th.Thanks so much for checking in!" - Anke Tremback, Burlington, April 13, 2022, Asking Price $495,000...sold for $115,000 over asking price.

As interest rates rise, and more sellers put their properties up for sale, this should help pump the brakes on the runaway escalating sales prices. In the meantime, this is without a doubt the best time to sell your home that we've ever seen in our 29 years of business.

It's a crazy market out there.  Best of luck!

"We had several offers with in the first 72 hours. Crazy market! It was purchases by buyers whom saw it on PFP. Fact is they called within 15 minutes of the home being posted. Incredible. They had a buyers agent but we dealt directly with them during the showing and negotiations.  58.8 k over ask! Zero contingency and all cash. Very pleased! Closing on 4/18/22. Your service remains relevant for fsbo sellers. Thank you." -- Carl & Donna Silver, Burlington 4/2/2022

Best reason to sell by owner during a strong sellers market:

Did you know that if you list with a Real estate agent, and they bring you a full price offer or better, the fine print specifies that you're obligated to pay them a commission even if you change your mind about selling? 

Yet, as a FSBO seller, you can agree to sell contingent upon YOU finding suitable housing (within an agreed-upon specified time frame).  This puts the FSBO seller in the enviable position of securing a buyer first before looking for a new property -- AND if they aren't able to buy what they want, they can still back out of the sale and keep their home! Be smart, sell it yourself by owner!

  "Can you please mark my house Under contract so the calls will stop? I only showed my house over a 3 day time period from Thursday- Saturday, allowing an hour per showing, and had 22 showings, with three offers resulting... all well over Asking Price!  I ended up selling to a nice young couple that wanted the Williston school system. Scheduled to close on 6/16."  John Lentine, Williston  5/9/22      AP= $439,600  SP= $470,000


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