Market Update: Sales and Time on the Market Data

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With few properties on the market and buyer demand still high, we're seeing that most properties are snatched up quickly, many with multiple offers. Case in point, during the month of April, the number of Picket Fence sales significantly exceeded the number of new properties entering the market! As you’ll see from looking at most county pages, most of the properties are either Sold or Under Contract.


Buyers are still eagerly waiting for more homes to come to market, as there continues to be a serious shortage of residential properties available in both Vermont and New Hampshire.


Following are the average Time on the Market (TOM) for April sales. All sales reported were from within VT:


County          TOM
Chittenden     5.4 days
Franklin         5.5 days
Grand Isle*    22 days (land)
Orange*         7 days
Rutland*       39 days
Washington* 30 days
Windsor*      7 days (land)


* based upon one sale
Note: Picket Fence relies upon seller self-report, hence not all sales are represented



Picket Fence Preview Web Activity Web activity for last month demonstrated very high activity: the visitor numbers exceed 2019 pre-pandemic levels by over 10,000!


April 2021

    66,879 visits
    341,211 page views

Visitors by State of Origin (Top 10 States)
    VT     44,802
    NY     3,025
    MA     3,002
    CT     2,267
    NH     2,122
    FL     1,976
    CA     1,521
    TX     1,221
    NJ       962
    PA       892