Market Update: Sales and Time on the Market Data

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March Market Update: While winter is historically the slowest time of the year for real estate, particularly the colder months, this season is not typical.  With few properties on the market and buyer demand still high, we're seeing that desirable properties are snatched up quickly, particularly in Chittenden & Windsor Counties.  Other counties have impressive TOM (time-on-market) numbers for this time of year as well.  As the weather improves, we can expect this trend to improve as well.

Buyers are still patiently waiting for more homes to come to market.  (If you're ready to sell, now might be a great time to start the process!)

Average Time on the Market for Reported Picket Fence Preview Sales**

JAN & FEB 2021

Chittenden - 6.6 days
Addison - 30 days *
Rutland - 30 days *
Windsor - 7 days*
Lamoille -  6.5 months *

* based upon one sale
** Note: Picket Fence Preview relies on sellers to voluntarily report their sales. As such, not all sales are reported.

Web activity for last month demonstrated that buyer activity remains high.

Picket Fence Preview Web Activity

February 2021

    52,005 visits
    276,965 page views

Visitors by State of Origin (Top 10 States)
    VT     35,908
    CT     2,286
    NY     2,453
    MA     2,405
    NH     1,679
    FL       995
    CA      529
    TX       364
    NJ       338
    PA       306