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September 2021 Market Update - August was very active for Picket Fence sales, and Times on the Market were brisk!  All residential offers came in within  three weeks for all counties, with the exception of one (with a million $ home that held firm for its price).

Most residential sales received their asking prices during August, across all counties. Chittenden county homes are still receiving over their asking price in almost all Picket Fence sales, with an 102.8% average Sales Price / Asking Price during August.  This is a very good sign that market demand remains strong.

Typically the market picks up in September each year after the July and August summer lull.  All signs point to this happening this year, too!

Following are the Time on the Market averages per county over the past three months:


  August    July      
Addison          NA 
5 days*
7 days
  Land NA NA 21 days*
Caledonia 12 days* 7 days*
Chittenden 13 days 18 days     7.5 days  
  Land 7.5 mo* NA NA
Essex NA
14 days (off-grid cabin)
Franklin 21 days
NA 21 days*
Grand Isle NA NA       
14 days* (camp)
Lamoille  4 mo. ($1M+ prop)
4 days* 30 days
Orleans 19 days* NA NA
Rutland  NA
24 days* (Land) NA
Washington 7 days
NA 7 days*
Grafton 14 days* NA NA

*based upon one sale.
Note: Picket Fence relies upon seller self-report, hence not all sales are reported.


Picket Fence Preview Web Activity

August 2021 Web Activity

    59,617 visits
    251,112 page views

Visitors by State of Origin (Top 10 States)
    VT         42,812
    NY          2,961
    CT          2,903
    MA         2,511
    NH         2,055
    FL          1,985
    CA         1,145
    TX            982
    NJ            884
    PA            645