A Safe Way to Show Your Home

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How to safely conduct showings during the Covid-19 crisis

Vermont began Phase I of opening the state's economy and we have received clarification from the Governor’s office as to what is now allowed for real estate showings, as per the new guidelines that go into effect for certain professions and livelihoods. These take effect April 20th and currently extends through May 15th.

In-Person Showings: In a nutshell, the state is requiring that only one person conduct an in-person showing, and to only one person at a time.  Both people need to wear a mask or bandana over their mouths and noses.  In addition, it's a good idea to make hand sanitizer or latex gloves available for the buyer (this is to protect your household as well).

FaceTime or Skype electronic showings:  This is the easiest, safest method to show your house.  Simply make an appointment with the buyer, then walk SLOWLY through the house pointing your phone or Ipad toward the room, narrating as you go (try to be brief!). Stop and show important details of each room, like built-ins, fireplaces, etc. Buyers can ask questions on the fly and since you know your home best, you are the best person to answer those questions!

Keep in mind that this technique is a HUGE advantage that you, the private seller, have in that you can show your property on short notice using this technique.