Bloomberg reports everyone is moving to Vermont

September 3, 2020- Just yesterday a new Bloomberg study of household moving data found that Vermont leads all other states with 75% of the moves involving Vermont being INBOUND moves, according to data from United Van Lines. "Far more people moved into Vermont...than left during the pandemic", according to Bloomberg. Not surprising, 7 out of 10 moves involving New Jersey and New York are OUTBOUND. People are still pouring out of NYC, NJ, Chicago and LA, so there is every reason to anticipate Vermont's housing market will continue to be strong this Fall. Consistent with this Picket Fence customers are reporting a very active market, with much demand in most Vermont and New Hampshire counties.  It is one of the best markets we've seen in our 27 years of owning Picket Fence Preview!

In August, had 76,405 visitors, with just over 53,000 from within Vermont.  New York (4953), Connecticut (4303), Massachusetts (3387) and NH (2403) were next in line for the most number of visitors, New Jersey (961).  These numbers are translating into an active market and fast sales for Picket Fence sellers.

Over the past few years we have offered an MLS option where sellers can cover all the bases with an ad in the agent's MLS as well. This program works very well. What's unique about our MLS program is that we have an agent that posts your property in MLS with your contact info so that you receive the inquiry directly. Plus you specify how much commission you're willing to offer should a buyer broker bring your buyer, the typical range is 2-3%. Of course, if the buyer finds you directly from your Picket Fence ad or MLS ad, no commission is owed.

If you are interested in selling your property, now may be the best time to act.  The website was recently upgraded to allow up to 18 photos for the listings.
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