Read what Picket Fence customers are saying

This worked out really well. Both of the buyers who contacted me right away, as soon as it went up on your website, wanted it. I realize I probably could've asked more for it, after seeing how quickly it sold, but that"s OK... The people who are buying it have a background in farming, and appreciate everything about it. I made sure everything was in good order for them to take it over. I'm happy I was able to take care of all of this before I pass, so my kids won't be burdened with disposing of all my stuff." - David Rosen 8/7/23  Bridport  AP $587,500  SP 100%

-- David Rosen, Bridport Vt

Thank you so much for your help. Fingers crossed things continue to go smoothly. The buyer was through a broker, which found it on Picket Fences... and I have two or more back-ups. I had a lot of traffic at my two open houses last week, lots of neighbors with friends and family interested.
Your helping me write the ad was huge!  It would've taken me a day to do it from scratch, with all I have going on, but as it was, all I had to do was tweak it a little. My attorney was also a big help in sorting through the offers and such... I think people don't realize how much their attorney can help in a FSBO sale. Thank you, this really worked out well, on many levels!' -- Andrea Regan 10/18/22 Shelburne condo. Offer substantially above Asking Price of $375,000. 

-- Andrea Regan, Oct 18, 2022

We closed last Thursday, for our Asking Price! We sold to a local buyer who was working with a buyer's agent from Williston. Fortunately our buyers locked in to their interest rate before it went up again...
Thank you for everything, Toni. You and Bill were very helpful. -- Ginny G., Richmond  10/17/22  AP $675,000 SP $675,000

-- Ginny Gifford, Richmond Oct 17, 2022

The ad worked great! We closed two weeks ago for $10,000 over our asking price. We had 5 showings after the first day the ad was posted and an offer the next day! The buyer is from Norwich, Vt! Asking price $339,000, sales price $349,000

-- Mimi Benedict, Greensboro, Sept 15, 2022

We're Under Contract to the first people that came to see it! They absolutely loved it! After only 2 minutes the husband came to me and said 'Well take it. What do we need to do to make this happen?'

-- Maureen Barnes, So. Burlington, Aug 23, 2022

The couple we showed it to first just made a full price offer. They love that the condo is walking distance to everything... UVM, downtown Burlington. 
Appreciate your help and advice.  -- Linda Sugarman, June 21, 2022

-- Linda Sugarman, Burlington

"After a slow start, it seemed there was suddenly lots of activity all at once!  I'm now Under Contract, with a full price offer, to an out-of-state cash buyer whose son is going to Middlebury College! "  -  Kristin Lawson, Cornwall, 6/14/22

-- Kristin Lawson

Thank you so much for all of your help.  Your booklet on "How to Sell Your Own Home" was very helpful.  The website was extremely user-friendly and the owner was quick to give advice and answer questions. $480,000 asking price  /  $535,000 sales price

-- Howard Davis, Jeffersonville May 25, 2022

We closed on our house on May 12 and are now homeless! Heading to Florida tomorrow for a couple of weeks to get our new condo set up.  Thank you so much for all the help! You guys are great and I recommended you to my brother and his wife who will be selling their Burlington home soon. Best regards, David and Lori

-- David and Lori Fitzgerald, Westford May 17,2022

Cash buyer!! Signed last week!! Thanks to you guys, home sold fast!
You know, we had a couple Realtors come talk to us before we listed with you (PFP). One said he could get us something in the 300's for our house, maybe $350k... and another top Realtor said they might be able to get $400k for it. I'm so glad I went with you guys and sold it myself! We ended up selling for our Asking price of $544,800 in one month, during January, no less! The best way to sell your home is thru Picket Fence...  I'll be recommending you!"  - Jim Jone, East Ryegate
-- Jim Jones, East Ryegate May 13, 2022

We had several offers with in the first 72 hours. Crazy market! It was purchases by buyers whom saw it on PFP. Fact is they called within 15 minutes of the home being posted. Incredible. They had a buyers agent but we dealt directly with them during the showing and negotiations.  58.8 k over ask! Zero contingency and all cash. Very pleased! Closing on 4/18/22. Your service remains relevant for fsbo sellers.
Thank you,
Carl and  Donna Silver

-- Carl & Donna Silver, Burlington 4/2/2022

Hi Toni! OMG! We forgot to let you know. So sorry! It’s been a wild ride. Yes, we sold the house on March 24 to a lovely woman from Washington state for 610,000. Everything went smoothly and we packed up the truck and left on the 27th. Thanks so much for checking in!
Anke Trembeck, asking price $495,000, sold for $610,000, $115,000 over asking!

-- Anke Trembeck, Burlington, April 13, 2022

The house is sold! We had several offers within two weeks and accepted a full price offer. Thanks again!

-- Kevin Martell, St. Albans Oct 8, 2021

Thank you so much for being SUPER helpful and friendly, it was a great experience! Also thank you for answering all my questions and giving me advice, it helped immensely when dealing with buyer's agents. So glad that we have this resource available, it was easy and saved us so much!." - Under Contract for $81,000 over asking price in 1 day.

-- Jen Alberts, Jericho Oct 11, 2021

Working with Picket Fence was a wonderful experience. I am grateful for all of your help and guidance! AP $719,000 / SP $780,000

-- April Linden, So. Burlington

We negotiated a sales agreement that works for both of us, and is not standard at all.

-- Dave Southwick, Berkshire

All in all it was a painless and interesting process. We never even got to put the for sale sign out at the end of the driveway! Sold in 7 days.

-- Amy Carter, Monkton

Picket Fence was able to increase the visibility of our ad ... and we are Under Contract less than 48 hours later!

-- Diana Clayton, Shelburne

We had a great experience using Picket Fence Preview!

-- Laura Wolfson, Shelburne

Toni, just went under contract! Thank you for making it all very easy. Your website is great and easy to use, have already recommended you to others contemplating selling.

-- Tim Jerman, Essex Jct, Aug 26, 2021

We're under contract, so we're all set!" Under contract 7 days, May 26, 2021, $660,000 AP, $725,000 sales price

-- Dave Buckland, Shelburne

Thank you for your help! We had 10 showings in 3 days and 3 offers. I appreciate the help that Toni gave me.

-- Liz McGurk, Essex Jct, May 5, 2021

Within a week of listing we were under contract! Choosing the Picket Fence platform was without a doubt the right decision.  Easy to navigate, and the  PF staff was great and helped guide us along the way, which was greatly appreciated! Thanks PF!

-- Kate McCoy, April 26, 2021

The book gives PRECIOUS advice. Thank you very much. Under Contract in 6 days!

-- Audry Eloy, Burlington $382,500 Feb. 2, 2021

Truly appreciate your help along the way. PFP gave us the nudge necessary to try FSBO. We had 21 viewings, multiple offers, and are now under contract. The PFP book prepared us for each step along the way.

-- Steve Micetic, So. Burlington $447,000 Jan 20, 2021

We only had a Picket Fence ad for 1 month.  Just wanted to let you know, for your advertising purposes, that our house sold for $1,000 above our asking price. The closing was on October 26, 2020.  Thank you for the service you provide to Vermonters who wish to sell their house on their own.  Our buyer did not use a realtor either so we all saved money.  One of the unforeseen benefits of selling our house by owner was that we got to meet the buyer and get to know them (and we really like them a lot which was great since we were selling a beloved home where our children grew up).  Another benefit we hadn't considered was that we didn't have to leave our house when it was being shown and we could make the showing work around our schedule.  Thanks again!

-- Jeff Springer, Jericho $439,000 Oct 29, 2020

Dear Toni and Bill,  Just to update and thank you.   Last week we closed on the house we had for sale.  We really appreciated your solid information and clear wording of advice and on forms.  We found Bill's book to be a great resource and appreciated the variety of options you offered (signs, open house ads).  We were given an offer so quickly, we did not need those options, but it was nice to know they were available.  You gave us confidence in our ability to do this.  Plus, the house sold quickly and above our selling price.  Yay.  Diane Siegriest

-- Diane Siegrist, Milton, $299,000 Oct 19, 2020

Turns out it is good market to sell in right now. I had been watching listings on Picket Fence for the past month or so, wondering when people would start to become active. Now is clearly the time! The buyer’s broker found it on PicketFencePreview.com. I didn’t advertise anywhere else, although I did have a few word of mouth showings/interest first. I had 4 showings and another one potentially in the works, and of those 5 total, 3 were via buyers brokers and 2 directly from buyers. -    Under contract within 5 days of posting on PicketFencePreview.com

-- Yasmine Ziesler, Huntington May 27, 2020 AP $339K

Worked great! $925,000 property, Rutland County

-- Stephen Burzon, Danby Vt Aug 17, 2020

Thanks Picket Fence! You made the whole process seem doable. And your book was very helpful! -  Sold in 1 week! Aug 4, 2020

-- Linda Beal, Burlington $299,999

1st showing, buyers knew there was a lot of interest and came in with an offer $5000 over asking with no contingency. $349,900 asking price, $355,000 sales price!

-- Patricia Kelliher, Keene NH June 27, 2020

We would like to remove our ad from your site.  We have received a deposit and our camp has tentatively been sold.  Thanks to your site, we will be saving $17,400 in broker's fees.  That is pretty sweet!  Thanks for your help!

-- Rich Lunna, Lake Seymour June 22, 2020

Thanks! We had about 10 showings in two days! It was wild.

-- Megan Meinen, Burlington $469,000 sold for $485,000 June 11, 2020

"I will always use Picket Fence Preview to sell my house. It's seamless!"

-- Sher Tsai, So. Burl $610,000 sold for $10k over asking in 5 days to out-of-state buyer. May 3, 2020

Good news!! Our house at 47 Tanglewood Drive in Essex just went under contract.

-- Heidi Decarvahlo, Essex $520,000

You guys were a great support both with knowledge and suggestions, and just guiding us through the more stressful parts - making them much less stressful! Sold 10 days, $449,000, September 7, 2019

-- Tena Perrelli, So. Burlington $449,000

"We had a LOT of interest both from the signs and from the ad on PFP. I'm guessing we had 20-30 calls and 10 showings. All of the advice from the book and in person was "Right On" and very helpful. Aside from all of the packing and moving we had a very positive experience! We accepted an offer at the end of the first week and are closing on July 8th. We will recommend PFP to anyone that I know that is thinking of selling".
Thank You

-- Dave and Maribeth Kuzia, Shelburne $429,900

Literally 5 mins after I posted the ad on Saturday evening we got an email from the buyers requesting a showing. I showed them the house Sunday and again Monday and had a full-price offer by Tuesday. Buyers are pre-approved with no contigency on selling their current home before closing on ours. They currently live in NC but were up for the week to look for houses.

-- Maggie Eppstein, Hinesburg $425,000 April 17, 2019

Bill responded to my questions in a timely manner, whether by email or by phone. The answers were thorough, super helpful and empowering. Everyone at the office was great to deal with. A positive experience all around. Thank you! Sold in 12 days

-- Sue Adams, Burlington $442,000 Dec 5, 2018

Yes, our buyer was working with a buyer broker. We went live with Picket Fence on Tues, Open House Saturday and three full price or above offers by noon the next day.  We’re happy with the process so far. We’ve always used Picket Fence. Thank you! Sold in 6 days!

-- Carina Driscoll, Burlington $544,000

Good support from you guys. Picket Fence rocks and works!  $380,000 new build

-- Mark Smith, Huntington VT

Under Contract after 1st Open House! to someone who saw it in Picket Fence. Closing is next Wednesday! Lakefront $275,000

-- Kathryn Finnie, Colchester

I need to take my ad off the internet - I keep getting calls! My house sold within 48 hours of going online! Barre $399,900

-- Kailey Lozier, Barre

My house is under contract. In fact, the inspection is tomorrow. I had lots of interest in the house, and I showed it more than 15 times, then had an open house. Eleven potential buyers came to the open house. I ended up with 2 offers on the same day and went under contract with one of the first people to see the house.  So. Burl $257,000

-- Kathy Strahm, So. Burlington

Had about 15 visits. You guys were wonderful - thank you so much!

-- Sue Abair, Burlington

We sold it! They are local, from Colchester. They had looked at a lot of lakeshore properties & said they knew as soon as they saw it, that this was the one. Lakefront $479,000

-- Ruth Casey, Grand Isle

We have a signed contract and deposit! You can take the ad down. Thank you for your help. We had many interested buyers. Jericho $370,000

-- Robert Schantz, Jericho

Picket Fence made it really easy. I felt supported and like we weren't trying to do it on our own. If I hadn't felt like that, I think we may have succumbed to the 'we can (and probably should) help' pitches of the realtors who approached us once they saw our house for sale. $347,000

-- Barbara Sargent, East Barre

It's sold! From the online ad, day one! Full asking price, no negotiation $350,000!

-- Steven Rose, Milton

Just wanted to let you know that we went under contract today. Thank you for creating a valid, trustworthy site that helps bring buyers and sellers together! Chittenden VT $275,000

-- Georgi Grover, Chittenden VT

Wow, I had over 38 inquiries since our house was advertised in the Picket Fence Preview site, and just started to show our home to a select few on Monday. After 7 couples viewed the house on Monday & Tuesday, I had 3 offers and today have signed a sales contract. Burlington $485,000

-- Rick Carter, Burlington

This is so exciting. We have had many showings and after just three short weeks we are under contract. We have dealt with Realtors in the past and never had this many showings. Thank you Picket Fence! Beautifully Maintained Ranch! Conveniently located near Burlington bike path, shopping, and Leddy park.

-- Thomas Jones, Burlington $290,000

We had about 15 inquires & 4 showings. The people who are buying the house were the couple to come visit. I was amazing how fast it happened & how easy it has been so far working with our lawyer. Also we are saving about $10,000.  Thank you Picket Fence!

-- Cynthia Green, East Montpelier

My fourth time selling with Picket Fence Preview.  Wonderful experience all around for both us as sellers and the buyers.  Thank you for your continued service!!

-- Heather Johnson, Westford VT $569,900

I wanted to let you know everything is finalized with my house -- inspection, lawyer, bank, so I don't need to advertise anymore. You've made one Vermonter very happy, and proud of your company.  I had my house with Realtors for 3 years, and in all that time they only had one showing.  They wouldn't listen to me -- they didn't understand solar and weren't promoting it right.  But with you, we had 11 calls, including from MA, CT, & FL.  In the end, we ended up selling to a young local couple.  I'm on cloud 9, you can probably tell! -- Charlie Hall, West Topsham.

-- Charlie Hall, West Topsham VT

I wanted to let you know that we are now under contract for our home at 620 Russ Hill Rd in Royalton. Thanks for your awesome service! Picket Fence Preview made it so easy to FSBO!

-- Jennifer Fischer, Royalton VT

I can't thank the staff at Picket Fence enough.  You guys are amazing!  From the set up of the site to the incredible advertising, your team is outstanding.  Also, providing the reading materials was excellent.  Thank you for helping me go to deposit within four weeks of listing!!! $556,000 Williston

-- Carmen Portelli, Williston

We are set to close on the 10th! Thank you and the crew for all your help.

-- Robert Streim, Brattleboro

We started advertising the property in April, then fortunately extended the ad for one more month into July.  The buyers expressed an interest on July 10th.  Once they saw it, they offered full listed price and wanted to close as soon as possible.  I believe they saw the ad on the Internet listing, which further directed viewers to our own French Woods 15 camping web site, and a blog.  We chose not to put up the sign, so any interest had to come from the magazine or Internet listing.

-- Richard Lunna, Stockbridge VT

Hi Eileen,

We have a signed Contract and all contingencies have been met for a closing soon.

We listed the house for $259,000 and sold for $257,000, within 2 weeks of the ad in Picket Fence.  The first couple to look at it made an offer.  We've had to wait for the appraisal and inspection reports before those contingencies were satisfied.

Thank you for all your assistance and for placing our house on the cover.  We'll be sad to leave our home of 40 years but it's time to downsize.


-- Janice Barker, Lebanon NH

We have multiple offers on our house! Our Open House was very successful - I think we had 16 parties show up!

-- Michael Grillo, Hinesburg VT

Two full price offers in 3 days! Incredibly fast!

-- Donna Russo-Savage, Montpelier VT

I sold 2 days ago.

When I was with a realtor I didn't have one person look at it.

With Picket Fence, I had 30 inquiries and sold it!

-- Annette Spaulding, Rockingham VT land

Second time using Picket Fences. It's just wonderful! I sold both lots within 2 weeks!

-- Ray Henderson, Highgate Springs VT land

We ended up settling on $237,000. We feel really good about it. They are local people from St. Albans...a wonderful family...with lots of extended relatives...and will use the camp as is. We couldn't feel better about the whole situation!

-- Anne Van Dusen, St. Albans

Its been under contract since the end of June. It worked great!

-- Randi McCuin, Charlotte VT land $500k

Was good to sit down and come together with the buyer about the details of the sale. Much better, and quicker!

-- Roxane Blake, White River Jct VT

Worked great! Had 2 offers within 4-1/2 weeks!

-- Bill Bartinoski, Waterbury VT

The first people (from Colchester) who saw our house bought it!Full price offer, cash deal!Everything has been great. The best part is that they are the perfect people for this house!

-- Louise Maynard, Randolph VT

We can't believe how fast that was! One day, 2 showings, 2 offers, both above the asking price! $424,000

-- Rebecca Haslam, Burlington

I had a buyer from the web before I even got the sign in the ground!

-- Michele Delaney, Montpelier VT

First person to call and have a showing made an full price offer in less then 24 hours!  We couldn't be any happier!

-- Kimberley Dudley, Essex Jct

We had two showings from the sign alone. Of the two, we received one valid offer, but accepted a better offer from the showing from the party that saw it on the web site.

-- Jeff Barcelow, Royalton VT

Another successful result. Staff is always extremely helpful.

-- Nan & James Carpenter, Northfield VT

Very easy to use the site...sold it in two days!

-- Barbara Donnelly, So. Burlington

It was slow...then two offers. This place is unique being on the river. So it took a 'river person' to buy it. Very happy. Thanks Picket Fence!

-- Kathy Johnson, Worcester

The for sale by owner sign from Picket Fences was a great help in identifying our property to the people who are buying it. They were able to go to our ad and see pictures of the interior of our home which only made them more interested and motivated. We were all helped by the book and the documents provided by Picket Fences, all invaluable in guiding us through the process. My decision to advertise with Picket Fences was one of the best decision I made when it came to selling my house!

-- Katie Berk, Burlington

Picket Fence provided all the necessary information to make the "for sale by owner" experience easy to navigate.

-- Sherry Soule, Stockbridge VT

Thank you!! That WAS quick! I knew it would go fast, but I'm not sure I thought that fast!!! Woohoo!!!!

-- Nancy Ovitt, Colchester

Loved Picket Fence!!!!!  Thank you.

-- Averill McDowell, Waterbury VT

We had been with a realtor for 6 months with nothing. Then with Picket Fences we had 10 calls in the first week the magazine was out and we sold it!

-- Denise Bernstein, Underhill VT

Buyer is from Glouster MA. Thanks again!

-- Dan Dubreuil, Jefferson NH land

Quick and easy transaction. Great buyers!

-- Karl Usher, Williston VT

Excellent service. Efficient web site. Easy to use.

-- Merrill Cate, So. Burlington

Closing is tomorrow! Thanks for all your help, consider us among your happy customers!

-- Steve Hoskins, Waterburt VT

We received an offer within 2 weeks. We continued to get about one email inquiry a day about the house.

-- Rita Ricketson, Worcester VT

That was fast! (sold Winding Brook condo in 22 hours)

-- Matthew Burzon, So. Burlington

Worked out great. One showing...full price offer. Fantastic job!

-- Jesse Harper, Jeffersonville VT

Thank you Picket Fence Preview! (sold in 3 days $439,500 investment property)

-- Robert Kurani, Burlington

"This was the first time I tried FSBO. Thanks to the helpful people at Picket Fence, it was so easy!
I will never sell using a realtor again!"- Lynne Murray, Canaan, NH

-- Lynne Murray, Canaan NH

“I’m rather astounded at how fast this happened.” — Amy Roth, Calais, VT (One day under contract)

-- Amy Roth, Calais VT

“Wanted to let you know we sold our condo…FULL PRICE…CASH!…in less than a WEEK!. Thank you Picket Fence!” — Wendy Oppenheimer, Burlington,

-- Wendy Oppenheimer, Burlington

“Picket Fence Preview…you rock!” — Ginger Patterson, Fairfax

-- Ginger Patterson, Fairfax VT

We have the house under contract, and the buyers are the perfect people for this house. We couldn't imagine a better fit. I love that we can work together and keep the lines of communication open and forthright and help each other through this process. We all are very excited about the future.

-- Lisa Winkler, Shelburne VT

Thanks you, but as always, Picket Fence has done it's job! First couple that saw it, bought it...in 12 days! Thanks ): - Scott Morrow, Waterbury

-- Scott Morrow, Waterbury VT

Just a quick note saying thanks for the personalized help, assistance and recommendations you gave me selling my home. Everything went well. I got a professional appraisal and added 3% and got a full price offer...your Picket Fence system worked great and I saved $23,820 in commissions.
Thanks so much --
Mark Blair, Williston

-- Mark Blair, Williston VT

The biggest mistake I made was listing with an agent before coming to you.  It was a nightmare -- I was so glad when the agent listing was done and I could just sell it myself through you guys (PFP).  Thank you for your service. I can see why you started Picket Fence! -- Mark O’Day, Williston

-- Mark O'Day, Williston

This is my second house sold with Picket Fence.  Very friendly people, little paperwork.  It is as straight forward as possible. -- Alex Possidente, So. Burlington

-- Alex Possidente, So. Burlington

Many quality & qualified potential buyers inquired about the house through seeing it onPicket Fence Preview.com. Thank you for offering this reasonably priced service to folks like us who knew we could sell by owner. — Marilyn Baker, Colchester

-- Marilyn Baker, Colchester

Picket Fence was a breath of fresh air to work with vs with going through "traditional realtors. -- Kit Clark, No. Ferrisburgh

-- Kit Clark, Ferrisburgh VT

Thanks for all your help. We were able to sell both cottages with your help for full price due to the traffic you generated! — Steve Connors, North Hero waterfront

-- Steve Connors, North Hero VT

Very pleased with our sale and thankful for your help! I was able to call you and ask questions and that helped so much! - Erika Stecklare, So. Burl.

-- Erika Stecklare, So. Burlington

We just accepted an offer on our lot today. Yeah for Picket Fence! -- Larry & Yve Mumley, North Hero

-- Larry & Yve Mumley, North Hero

We sold it the first day it was on your website! This was after 2 years of being listed with an agent, and being told, "People don't want Colonials anymore" by our agent! Based on the number of calls we continued to get, I can tell you that's definitely not true! Thank you - we're telling everyone Picket Fence is the way to go! -- Stan & Angela Barosky, Waitsfield, VT

-- Stan & Angela Barosky, Waitsfield VT

It's sold! The negotiations took a while...we met buyer in late August and sold in November.

-- Julia Gresser, Marshfield VT

We had a deposit  within 16 days! Thanks again for all your help and the wonderful service you provide!

-- Brian Duerr, Starksboto VT

Buyer came with a buyer broker and made a low-ball offer.  We countered and suggested that if they wanted the property then the Buyer Broker needed to put some skin in the game and drop his commission.  Broker dropped from 3.0% to 2.5%.  We ended up with what we wanted in our pocket, but the buyer ended up paying about $12,500 more than he otherwise would have.  If he'd had no broker, we both would've come out better.  If we'd split the difference, he'd have paid about $6,000 less, and we'd of made about $6,000 more.

-- Jim Hester, Burlington apartment house

Buyer had gone to a realtor, but I excluded PFP buyers (people who had looked at it via Picket Fence). After 3 months this buyer comes back and gives me an offer. Thanks goodness PFP told me to exclude those buyers and I could sell it to my buyer with no commission attached.

-- Cheryl Bordas, Middlesex

My townhouse sold. I want to THANK YOU for all your work and having this fantastic spot where sellers and buyers can come together to sell property without having to pay any kind of realtor fees!

-- Christopher Clay, Burlington

"Selling your own home is not that hard. Do your own home inspection first, and know the issues! Save yourself some real money. We used Picket Fences, and sold our house in 5 months for the asking price!"

- Janet Weaver, Hubbardton $179,000 lakefront property, January 14, 2018

-- Selling your home is not hard!

Picket Fence has been incredibly helpful! We have employed two separate realtor companies trying to sell this house and with each one we took it off because it just didn't sell even though we kept lowering the price. Now it sells in a few weeks with Picket Fence! Thanks so much! - Eloise Ginty, Norwich VT $245,000

-- Eloise Ginty, Norwich, VT

Picket Fence is an amazing venue to advertise! I have had the best luck selling my houses with this site!! Everyone is so great to work with too!! I would recommend it to anyone!!

-- Annie DeWaters, So. Burlington $520,000

The people at Picket Fence were great to deal with.  There was no realtor involved in our sale and we were able to easily come to terms. Georgia $320,000

-- Mike & Rose Dubois, Georgia VT

Many quality & qualified potential buyers inquired about the house through seeing it onPicket Fence Preview.com. Thank you for offering this reasonably priced service to folks like us who knew we could sell by owner.

-- Marilyn Baker, Colchester $329,500

Picket Fence was a breath of fresh air to work with vs with going through "traditional realtors".

-- Kit Clark, No. Ferrisburgh, $400,000

Eileen - Thanks for all your help. We were able to sell both cottages with your help for full price due to the traffic you generated!

North Hero waterfront $329,900

-- Steve Connors, North Hero

First person to call and have a showing made an full price offer in less then 24 hours!  We couldn't be any happier!

-- Kimberly Dudley, Essex Jct May 26, 2017

Well worth the money spent to advertise in Picket Fence! -- sold in 1 week, $315,000 (spent $149...saved $18,900)

-- James Euber, Waterbury Center April 24, 2017

It is great to have an option like Picket Fence to try to sell your home without a realtor involved.  Fortunately our buyers were not working with a realtor as a buyer broker so we are very happy about not having to pay any broker fees. Burlington $449,000 Feb 4, 2017

-- Terri Lessard, Burlington

Working with Picket Fences was easy and saved us money in realtor fees.

-- Karen Fossi, Colchester

My home in Thetford Center sold. 

Thank you,
-- Corolyn Lorie, Thetford Center

Buyers are from Vermont, this is the buyer we started with in early July. They put their house on the market and sold relatively quickly. We showed it maybe 6-8 times. This is our third sale through Picket Fence! (We are still in contact with the people who bought our cabin a few years back too).

-- Jean Avery, Enfield NH $589,000

44 Garden Lane - The property is under deposit, P&S signed last week (cash sale). Scheduled closing on Dec 2. Thanks for your help!

-- Mike Comeau, Colchester

I'm signing a contract tonight! This happened faster than I expected; I ended up with more than one offer, so my buyers (who really want my house) offered more than my asking price. I was nervous about going this way to start, but I have to say, your 'How to' book and tips made it all very easy. I'm very pleased.

-- Sherry Soule, Stockbridge VT

We received full asking price! Very exciting! We are actually in the
process of buying our second home via Picket Fence...so we've sold a home
and purchased two homes thanks to Picket Fence!

-- Allison Plante, Barre $174,900

Picket Fence has been helpful, informative, supportive and easy to deal with. They make selling for yourself very easy.

-- Sarah Mason, Williston $290,000

I didn't even have the sign out yet! (sold from the web ad)

-- Kevin Fahey, Morrisville $234,000

1 DAY,
Not kidding... I listed online, and ONE DAY later, the first people who wrote to express interest in my condo ended up putting down a deposit. It only took extra time for us to sign a contract and all because I was away for three weeks. If I hadn't been away for that time, we would have a contract and deposit made three weeks earlier. The buyers let me know that they were ready to make an offer one week after they viewed my condo.
Thanks PFP!

-- Martin Maitner, Hinesburg (Lyman Meadows Condo)

We believe in Picket Fence ...  the buyers are from Pennsylvania they picked up the magazine on a Thursday, called us that night, viewed the house on Saturday at 1pm, went to lunch and came back 1 hour 15 minutes later to give us their offer.

-- Dencie Mitchell, Vergennes

Excellent process! Very happy with all the assistance I received when I needed it.

-- Kelley Christie, Burlington $318,000 Sold in 6 days.

Everyone at Picket Fence was so extremely helpful in assisting us get our home up and running online.  We listed our house on a Wed and by Saturday we had 2 walk-thrus, one of which ended up making us an offer!
Thanks again to all...

-- John & Debra Thumann, Waterbury $400,000

Awesome experience!

-- Lynn Mason, Waterbury ($285,000 sold in 2 days)

Picket Fence was so great and easy to use, if I ever needed to sell a house or buy one I would go through Picket Fence again. Thank you for offering advice and being able to answer my questions when I was unsure of what to do.

-- Jennifer Curschman, Cabot VT $159,500

The house is under contract with the only remaining contingency being the appraisal coming in at or above the selling price...I spent an ENTIRE YEAR listing the house with a realtor. So, I must say, Picket Fence Preview is absolutely the best way to go. It’s how I bought the house, and now how I’m one step away from selling it. Keep up the good

-- Chad Heise, Calais, VT

Saved 20 grand by selling fsbo! $299,900

-- Dorey Demers, St. Albans Town

We showed the house twice; both parties had found us through the Picket Fence Preview web site.  Obviously a great resource, along with your helpful book. $365,000

-- Horace Shaw, Winooski

Thank you for your services and great support. We would definitely recommend using Picket Fences.

-- Linda Rock, Laurel Drive, Essex Jct

It was great dealing with the buyer directly! South Hero $598,000

-- Valerie Swinchoski, South Hero

The house is under deposit! Picket Fences was a great way to sell and we will recommend it to others!  $259,900

-- Shawn Thayer, So. Burlington

The exposure from PicketFencePreview.com is amazing. I'm aware of 3 other condos in the past 12 months that were under contract within 10 days of the ad being posted on line. Additionally, 2 of the 3 had full price offers. Thank you PF! (Ledgewood townhouse, $169,900 sold in 10 days)

-- Emilie Crawford, Burlington

Helpful, excellent support as far as information, forms, tips.

-- Margaret Kane, Burlington

Sold in 1 day! Thanks we will use Picket Fence again. Could not have been an easier way to do things.

-- Reynolds Garnett, Burlington $439,000

We accepted a full price cash offer this weekend, the one and only day they showed it.  Only listed for 5 days. PicketFencePreview.com has the best presence in the area for people looking to buy and the owners are thankful for your service.
Kaylene & Will Corbell, Burlington, River's Edge townhouse, $173,900

-- Will & Kaylene Corbell, Burlington

We had an explosion of interest as soon as our house hit Picket Fence online and another when the print hit. This was more traffic than 6 months listed with a realtor, that really created the energy that was needed to sell the property. . Thanks for the service it worked with great results. Thanks again, Dan

-- Daniel Drury, Middlesex $295,000

I'm sorry that I forgot to tell you we sold our Lake House through Picket Fence in December 2015.
This is the second sale we have had through Picket Fence and really enjoy the results.
Thanks again, Emory and Nancy Meyerjack
-- Emory Meyerjack, Winchester NH ($399,000)

86 Brickyard Rd in Essex Jct was under contract 10 days after picket fence publication and closed on Nov 30.
Thank you for an excellent publication , the help your staff provided and an easy way to sell a home !

-- Robbie Gelb, Essex Jct

Thank you again for your service.  I will never use a real estate agent in the future.  Your book was invaluable.  Key words are "de-cluttered" and "squeaky clean".  The experience was...almost easy!

-- Ginny Wilcox, Grand Isle

I believe that I neglected to tell you that we sold our home during the summer of 2015. We had an open house the second day and it was under contract the very next day. Our home was 34 Starbird Road, Jericho, VT.

-- Joan Chace, Jericho $282,000

Just wanted to let you know we signed papers yesterday! Yeah, it worked really well. Selling to someone from California - his parents live in Hartland. Picket Fence has quite the reach. We had several serious buyers from California and even New Zealand!
Thomas Petrin, Claremont, NH Commercial Property $478,000

-- Thomas Petrin, Claremont NH

Picket Fence is an amazing resource. I have learned so much and appreciate the 'How-to' book. We have referred to it daily during this process.

-- Jim Tenda, Williston

My daughter's house has sold! Picket Fence was great exposure. You made it really easy with all the guidance from your staff. Thanks.

-- Rachel Keysar, Rutland

Most of the people who inquired about our house or came to see the house viewed it on the Picket Fence website.  We found it to be a easy and great way to reach people.  Thanks for your help.  Our closing is in February.

-- Liz Soper, Stowe

We did 6 months with a Realtor... really, nothing was done, and nothing happened.   As soon as our house came out in Picket Fence though, our phone started ringing.  We're ironing out a contract today with someone who saw the ad in your magazine.  They're buying our land parcel for sale, too!   Thanks!

-- Lyle Sorenson, Rockingham, VT

Your staff was great to work with.  Thank you!

Sold in 3 weeks, Winding Brook Condo

-- Dick Ploof, So. Burlington

Well all I can tell you is that I sold my condo on Juniper Drive in So. Burlington this summer in 9 DAYS! for several thousand more than I would have settled for. It was sold by your website, before the magazine even came out. 

-- Gary Douglas, So. Burlington

Hi Bill,

This is JC Earle from 44 Skunk Hollow.  I just wanted to thank you...  I'm very happy with your service and will recommend it!

Thanks again, and if we need to sell our new house, you guys will be the first people I call!

In gratitude,


-- JC Earle, Jericho

I received two FULL PRICE offers the first day I showed the house. Thank You! Shelburne $325,000

-- Cindy Carse, Shelburne VT


THANK you soooo much for everything.  What a pleasant experience this was..... I really did not believe you when you wrote in the book, that it is a pleasant experience & some people make friends with their buyers...but it is true.  I actually was invited to a BBQ at my "old" house Sunday afternoon..!!!  If I hadn't already had plans, I would go.  They will be life long friends. 

Thank you again,
Beth Perry
-- Beth Perry, Brandon

Wow! Picket Fence Preview has really helped us.  We were listed with an agent for 7 months...it only took us 23 days to sell it through Picket Fence! Thank you.

-- Laura Bent, Williston

After 8 months on the traditional real estate market, we moved to Picket Fences. We were delightfully unprepared for how fast things would move once we put our house online. We had two offers within two days. While we were able to drop the price for the buyer, we also made more than we would have with a realtor.
More importantly, it reminded me what a fun, intimate experience it is to share your house with it's future owners. We were able to talk about what it was like to live in the house, from enjoying the sunrise to our strategies for entertaining, that really sold the home. We also met some really delightful people in the process. (Fairfax $335,000)

-- Rebecca Towne, Fairfax

It's under contract! I had a wonderful experience using Picketfencepreview.com. I had more than one offer in the 60 days it was advertised. Thank you! (Williston condo)

-- Barbara McGrew, Williston

Granted the deal hasn't been finalized yet, but the whole experience of selling on our own has been amazing, fascinating, and rewarding in a variety of ways. Thank You! ($269,500 3BR home)

-- Peter Cosgrove, Rutland

Thank you for providing me a website to sell my house to the perfect people.  This has been a wonderful experience and Picket Fence has excellent staff to assist ! I saved so much money and would recommend this to everyone!

-- Gretchen Berger, Westford VT

It got the word out there and we saved a lot of money on realtor fees. (Georgetown Condo $183,000)

-- Matthew Henchen, So. Burlington

The couple who purchased are a lovely couple. This was our second experience with Picket Fence. It was equally as good experience. We met some great folks. We plan on putting our primary residence on the market next spring and will be back to picket fence

Best Jean & Dave

-- Jean Avery, Chelsea VT

We had an open house last Sunday and ended up with two offers in one day!  We also had a couple phone calls with questions during the open house... I'm blown away by the interest! We're really happy to sell to people who want to farm the land, and have animals, that will appreciate all the property and land has to offer.

-- Heather Shelton, Corinth VT

We had three buyers lined up total over the last two months.  Folks that had to sell their primary homes, had buyers pre-approved that they were working with, trying to get financing.  The party that looked at it yesterday, bought it for a cash deal. $315,000

-- Bruce Lang, Washington VT

One week! Picket Fence works!  Thank you. Overlook at Spear Townhouse $199,000

-- Jim Manchester, So. Burlington

Good morning Eileen,
Thanks for the call today and what great timing you have. We closed the sale on our house today (6/22). The open house we ran in March is when the couple that purchased the home came to view it. It has been a long process and my wife and I learned alot! Your publication is what brought us the buyer so thanks again.
Dave and Mary
-- Dave & Mary Carpenter, Vergennes

Hi Toni-

Would you please list me property as "sold" on the website?  I'm still getting calls. I'm thrilled to be in my
new home having closed on Friday. Thanks to Picket Fence for the support!
Couldn't have done it without you! $425,000)

-- Sheila Soule, Waterbury Center

Within 2 days of listing our property, we had two showings.  Both parties brought offers and a third party also was interested.  We had a signed contract above list price within 7 days of listing on Picket Fence.  This is the second time we've used Picket Fence to sell and we'd definitely use them again!

-- Rachael Beuchler, Moretown VT

We are happy to announce that we have SOLD our Shelburne, Vt. property because of having an ad in the Picket Fence! Thank you to all for your encouragement, ideas, feedback & excellent customer service!

Thanks again!

Todd & Victoria Bray
8.32 acres, $349,000


-- Todd & Victoria Bray, Shelburne

Within 2 1/2 weeks I had two offers!

$464,000 townhouse

-- Diane Carter, Middlebury

Hi Bill,
Our home at 114 Robinson Parkway sold. We just closed the deal this afternoon.
Thank you,
-- Julia Mellonii, Burlington $394,900

This was very stressful for it was on the market with a realtor for a year and they did nothing - wasted my time so went to Picket Fence... Now we have a contract so happy! As long as you have a good lawyer you can do this...the tools from Picket Fence were great. Thank you and hopefully the rest will go smoothly .

-- Donna Fenner, Williamstown

This is the best site for home sellers (and worst for realtors!) around.  The family purchasing my home didn't have a realtor either....so I saved $28,200 in commission fees.  Thanks!

-- Rick Shebib, Essex $509,900

Selling one's own home is not difficult and does not require a realtor.

-- Kathryn Pedersen, Underhill $355,000

Picket Fence Preview generated exactly the type of attention we wanted for our property.  Very straightforward and pleasant experiences. (Under contract in 10 hours)

-- Winston Hale (South Burlington, $316,000)

We had posted 2 months on Zillow & Craigslist and did have some showings.  It was not until we posted online with Picket Fence Preview that we had a couple come that was seriously looking and put in an offer on our condo. (Under contract in 7 days)

-- Matt Noel (Colchester $171,500)

Excellent experience working with PF. great way to market a house.

-- Ellen Harris, Montpelier

Started getting interest right away - a bidding war was actually started. Got several offers through Picket Fence...and got close to my asking price

-- John Kelly (Charlotte Land $289,000)

Yes, we just sold our house. all of a sudden there was a bidding frenzy. do you have an "under contract " sign?  I would love for others to drive by the house and see a Picket Fence for sale by owner "under contract" sign. Once we close, I will update you on the price that we sold for.  and we were lucky to not have to pay any buyers agent fee. Thanks for all of your encouragement!

-- Linda Dwyer, Hanover ($847,000)

A positive experience with Picket Fence from the get-go. Buyers found me in the magazine.

-- Jan Grady, Essex $304,500

Very easy process so far. Would absolutely only sell by owner from now on.

-- Janet Allo, So. Burlington

We sold our house at 28 Cabot Court and closed last Friday.  It was six weeks from when the ad was placed to when closing occurred! Thank you to Picket Fence… AGAIN!


-- Sheramy Tsai, So. Burlington

Almost 600 hits in less than two months.  Second home I've sold through Picket Fence - we're very happy with the outcome.

-- Ian Smith, West Lebanon NH

Didn't expect our house to sell so quickly! Thank you Picket Fence

-- Troy Wright, Essex Jct

Hi Bill, it didn't take us long to sell our house. We accepted an offer yesterday (full asking price) and currently working on getting the purchase and sales agreement.

We received a call less than 1 hour after you posted our ad on your website. We are not officially under contract but I will let you know when we are. Thank-you! We definitely did not think we would sell so quickly!
Sue Scheer

-- Sue Scheer, Williston $419,000

Picket Fence worked like a charm. We had an offer within 3 weeks and sold it!

-- Patricia King, Waterbury ($350,000)

Bill..........We do have a contract (Oct 18) and are scheduled to close Dec 8.......all thanks to Picket Fence!  Buyer saw it on Picket Fence and unfortunately brought their broker which cost a little .  Thanks so much for a great vehicle to sell our home .  I would recommend Picket Fence to everyone!

Thanks........Bob & Sue Strang

-- Bob & Sue Strang, Fairfax ($279,900)

They made a verbal offer in the summer but need to sell their Colchester home. They went under contract through Picket Fence in October...both closings are scheduled for the end of November. Thanks!

-- Mitch McClelland, Milton $439,000

We have great news! Our house is under contract and closes mid-November. Meant to let you know earlier...the buyers (from Boston) did find it through Picket Fence. (Under Contract less than 30 days)

-- Jeff Blittersdorf, Cambridge $599,000

We loved advertising with Picket Fences; the experience felt very customer-centered and we were able to save enough in commission to make a decent down payment on our next home. Our buyer and others interested in our house were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to sell without a realtor, and enjoyed the personal and up-front approach when the owners - the people who know the most about the house - were available for showings and questions. (Charlotte $434,000)

-- Julie Kelbert, Charlotte

We advertised in your May & June issues. We received a contract within 3 weeks. The condo that we eventually moved to was being built and our buyers allowed us to remain in our home for 4 months until the condo was ready. The deal was finally finalized last Friday. Our house at 17 Kettle Creek Rd in Jericho sold for $359,000, $900 under our asking price. Thank you for the wonderful service you provide!

-- David Peters, Jericho

We are very pleased with Picket Fence and our outcome!! Recommend it highly!

-- Janet Manny, Colchester

Just want to let you know we closed on our house September 15th. Thanks again (South Hero $388,000)

-- Mike Miceli, South Hero

I want you to know how helpful my husband and I found your book. It is invaluable! We learned so much. I am so happy it is part of the packet! (North Hero cottage)

-- Bonnie Olson, Rutland

Took almost a month for the first couple to look at the house but they made an offer on the spot.  Being as this was my dream home and what I had worked for all my life it was too damned quick. ($330,000)

-- Jeff Poole, Danville VT

Lots of interest generated through Picket Fences, including higher offers after we signed a contract!

-- Jim Thompson, Burlington RedRocks Condo

Our house at 66 Terrace Street in Montpelier is sold...

This was an amazing experience.  We sold it to the first people who looked at the house.  Thank you for this incredible service you provide.

-- Martha Hicks-Robinson, Montpelier

Selling by ourselves was very easy and saved us a lot of money. (Lake Forest Townhouse)

-- Jason Chin, Burlington

Holy House Sale, Batman! Our house was not the ideal family home and we needed to sell it fast. I wasn't even sure it would sell. We listed it at $247,500, and after 369 views and a score of viewings in 5 days on Picket Fences, a cash buyer found us and made an offer. That's right: 5 DAYS! 45 days later we closed at $241,000. Incredible experience doesn't even come close to describing this process. Thanks Picket Fences! You made my house sale easier than I ever thought possible!

-- Melissa Bedor, Shelburne

I wanted to let you know our house sold! Yaay! Thank you picket fence!! We were at 860 vt rte 66 in Randolph vt 05060.  We closed on it August 15th.

-- Laura Baker, Randolph

I tried a local flat fee real estate company. Needless to say it didn't work. They were rude...my particular agent (S. W.) would not fix the wrong information in the listing...plus my contact info was not in their listing...what a waste! I sold in about 6 weeks through Picket Fence in very smooth process. -- Lia D., Barre

-- Lia D., Barre, VT

Sold to people who contacted us almost immediately. Sold for just around appraisal. Got 2-5 calls a week - $315,000 lakefront

-- Cathy Houston, Grand Isle

Thank you for much for all of your assistance. We showed our home 25 times in the week it was listed on Picket Fence. Your service is wonderful. Thank you! (Lake Forest Drive @ Oakledge $315,000)

-- Michelle Bell, Burlington

We have had a great experience with Picket Fence.  Listed with a realtor for over a year with no luck.  Listed with Picket Fence for 2 months (which allowed us a much lower asking price) and got over 2,000 views in 2 months and a buyer in the third month.  We are very happy that we decided to go through Picket Fence, and wish we had done it earlier!

-- Andy Talbert, Montpelier

We had a lot of interest and 5 or 6 showings. The initial add on the web brought approx 50%, however, the magazine add should not be overlooked. People still like to pick up the paper. Thank you Picket fence.

-- Charles Vella, Enfield NH

I feel like I had a lot of exposure with Picket Fences and my ad showed over 1500 views in just 6 weeks online.  We posted a little too early (before we were ready to start showing) so my suggestion would be to be ready to show when you post because you are going to get some interest!

-- Kristin Welch, Colchester

Picket Fence Preview provides all the tools you need to sell your property and the visibility is excellent.  The For Sale sign and on-line listing complement each other to provide information to prospective buyers.  The poster style listing is also helpful for posting on community bulletin boards.  THANK YOU!

-- Barbara Farr, Averill Lake Camp

We were VERY lucky to have a P&S with the first person we showed it to. Claremont is an especially tough market.

-- Steve Nix, Claremont NH

Another great experience with PFP!  The ad was viewed more than 850 times; the buyers came and saw the house and yard, loved it, came back again with their granddaughter, who also loved it, and made an offer.  All in 31 days!   I'm very happy to think of these new people taking over the house and yard, and I like to think of the eleven year-old granddaughter enjoying the yard and her two rooms upstairs.  Thanks, PFP!

-- Elizabeth Winters, West Rupert, VT

I was surprised at how many really serious buyers came to see the house, no tire kickers. All were respectful and easy to show house to. Would easily use Picket Fence again for sale or purchase.

-- Edith Ainsley, Underhill $403,000

So many people showed up to our Open House...all thanks to Picket Fence! It's been an awesome experience. I think more and more people are foregoing looking with agents because they don't want to be pressured

-- Roni Daily, Essex Jct $329,900

If we had used a Realtor, we most likely would have paid a 6% commission. Our asking price was $415,000 and that would have been $24,900 in fees! Our 'net' would have been $390,100, if it sold at full asking price. Another house on our street was sold through a realtor and it took over five months, at $11,000 less then ours and before Realtor commission costs! We spent $700 in advertising and we were able to negotiate directly with our buyers. We had almost 2000 online views (1996 to be exact) on Picket Fence in 60 days. Both party's are ecstatic and feel we both got a fair deal. This is my second time with Picket Fence and not the last.

-- Jay Overton, Essex Jct

Very happy I don't have to pay a realtor almost $29,000.

-- Robert Poratti, Essex $489,000

It was a very quick and pleasant experience.  The house was a good value for the price, and the first couple who looked at it realized that because they had been searching for a few months, loved the house and yard and location, and we close in less than 5 weeks!

-- Elizabeth Costlow, St. Johnsbury $125,000

Second time in 14 years. Has worked wonderfully.

-- John Herko, Essex Jct $339,000

Hi Bill
We had a beautiful closing yesterday. You can now mark our property as sold.
Out of State buyer, from Long Island, NY. Great guy! His wife is Australian. The local lawyers said it was a match made in heaven! They found us through Picket Fence after feeling unsatisfied with the realtor experience.

Thanks, Nicki and Caleb Abetti

-- Nicki & Caleb Abetti, Northfield VT

Thanks for all your assistance in selling our home.  Your website was great.  We sold in 10 weeks. (Burlington $332,600)

-- Laura Zettler, Burlington

We has a great experience with Picket Fence and will always use them in the future! We went under contract with in 10 days of listing our house with Picket Fence! (March 24, 2014)

-- Keith & Maegan Cutler, Essex

17 days to get an offer.  Saved over $8,000 in commission.  Love PFP!

-- Amanda Boyers, Burlington

In under 48 hours we had one full price offer and one above asking price.  Thank you Picket Fence.  A wonderful experience!

-- James Cornett, Shelburne VT

I wanted to let you know we do not want to renew our ad online in Picket Fence.  Our house is under contract and scheduled to close in 2 to 3 weeks! 
Thanks for all of your help.  It has been a great experience to sell through you.  We listed our house with you right before Thanksgiving and we had a contract in January! 
Thanks again for your assistance in selling our house ourselves.
Becky and Tim Jacobs 

-- Becky & Tim Jacobs, Underhill

I just wanted to let you know we closed on our townhouse at 109 Aikey Lane in Colchester on February 19th. We received our full asking price too! Our first home was found through Picket Fence, and we have sold twice now on this site. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Warm Regards,
Jenn May

-- Jenn May, Colchester

I wanted to touch base regarding our extreme satisfaction utilizing PF to sell our home: one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. I'd be happy to write a testimonial if you would like. We sold our home in four days using Picket Fence. Joyce Carroll

-- Joyce Carroll

We sold our house through Picket Fence for full price to the first couple who viewed it on the day the issue came out so we are well aware of what a great service Picket Fence offers sellers and buyers....our successful sale landed us happily in South Carolina just five weeks later! Don and Deb Nowakowski, formerly of Jericho.

-- Deb Nowakoski, Jericho VT

Hi Bill.
Just wanted to let you know we closed on our house (96 Birch rd in Shelburne) on 1/3/14!!!

Less than 1.5 months!
Thanks for your help. Thanks again for another good experience!
I'm good advertising for your business and will continue to spread the word!

-- Holly Whitcomb, Shelburne

This is the second time we have sold with Picket Fences, both times we found a buyer within 2 weeks of listing!  In fact, we had two offers in one day then a bidding war and ended up getting $5100.00 more than our asking price!  We would not sell a home any other way.   We saved over $21,000 in commission.  Thank you!!

Lisa Purinton  $359,000

-- Lisa Purinton, So. Burlington

Picket Fence staff were supportive and helpful thru out.  Best way to sell.  Thank you.

-- Heidi Olson, Essex Jct

Our house is finally under deposit and is scheduled to close November 1st. Thank you and Bill for all your help and support...

-- Susan Tomat, Berlin VT

Two days after posting your sign, plus 7 more interested parties after the magazine came out - I can attest to the power of Picket Fence!

-- Mark Sinclair, Waitsfield VT $415,000

All is looking FANTASTIC! Picket Fence has been a wonderful experience for me. It has brought in many potential buyers - thank you all so much! You have a great little business there.

-- Lisa Holmes, Barre VT

We had a custom home priced $150,000 higher that other homes on the sme street. Couple came to look, didn't say anything. Called 2 days layer with full price offer. They had been looking for 2 years and knew it was right the moment they saw it! A unique home needing a unique buyer - a perfect fit thanks to Picket Fence!

-- Diane Langlais, Duxbury, VT $405,000

I had my house listed with Nancy Jenkins for 18 long months. After I advertised with Picket Fence I sold it to the first buyer with Picket Fence...about 1 week! We realized that an agent could not sell our house...we had to do it!

-- Fay Malouf, Huntington, VT

I believe in Picket Fence, it took just 2 weeks to get my first good offer and I was under contract in a month. I know my house and no realtor could ever sell it as well as I can. I'll be coming back to Picket Fence when I need to sell again!

-- Terry Lambert, Milton VT

This is the third time selling (also bought one too) through Picket Fences...what an Awesome network you have.

-- Tina Ettenborough, Essex, VT

Thaks for your email. I have been out of town for a week. I signed a contract last Wednesday! I don't need to renew my ad - Thank You so much for the wonderful service!

-- Norman Beck, Montpelier VT

I am really happy with Picket Fence! I was pleasantly surprised how well it went. (sold in 6 weeks)

-- Peter Merrill, Montpelier VT

You get all the credit. My buyer is from Woodstock Vt...picked up a magazine on Nov 1st, gave me a call and I am under contract now.

-- Steve Lemire, Barton VT land

Realtor had the property for a YEAR! Put it in Picket Fence and had 5 serious buyers in 4 months. Now it's sold. Very pleased with Picket Fence.

-- Diane Cabral, Corinth VT land

We are signing on Monday and taking a deposit!!! Yay!!! Thank you thank you! This is the fourth house we've sold with Picket Fence!

-- Jess Voyer, Richmond VT $542k

Our buyer told us he had looked at 'hundreds' of homes before they found our. They came with a full price offer and financing approved! Picket Fence is the best!

-- Tom Crouteau, Barre VT

I like the informality of marketing the property through Picket Fence...there's no feeling of 'us' vs. 'them' in relation to the buyer that when dealing with realtors often happens. We received a full price offer and are very pleased.

-- Bruce Chappell, Peacham VT lakefront

We are under contract and will close on Oct 28th. Thanks for everything!

-- Donna Casey, Montpelier VT

They found us on the internet. They are from NY state moving to Vermont!

-- Don Miller, Burlington

Picket Fence staff were supportive and helpful throughout. Best way to sell. Thank you!

-- Heidi Olson, Essex Jct

Yup. Saw the magazine. Hooray. Cash offer, btw. Hallalujah!

-- Ellen Biddle, North Hero Cottage $329,000

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know we sold our property in Georgia and closed on it yesterday. Your company offers the sellers and buyers of real estate a valuable service at a reasonable price.  By using Picket Fence Preview instead of a realtor, we saved over $15,000 in fees. For the services a real estate agent provides, their fee has no justification.  We found the process as easy as selling a used vehicle. I encourage everyone to try it.
Thank you,

-- Floyd Marcotte, Georgia VT

The buyers originally came to our first open house and we have been in negotiations with them since.  The house officially went under contract today. 168 Tracy Dr $218,900

-- Erika Aiello, Burlington VT

We closed on the sale of our house on August 12th. Picket Fence is definitely the way to go! Many Thanks.

-- Allan & Wendy Fisher, Williston

We had listed earlier on Craigslist, Zillow and other free sites...the three serious parties interested in the house all came through PIcket Fence.

-- Andy Jones, Burlington VT

Advertise on craigslist if you want to attract predatory agents and unqualified lookers. Picket Fence brought me my buyer within 30 days...and they were pleasant and highly qualified!

-- Jim Gray, Colchester VT

I had my home listed for 51 days.  I showed it 6 times.  I held one open house.  This process was excellent, and I would recommend Picket Fences to anyone who is selling their home!

-- Jim Gibson, St. Albans VT

I will be closing on a home in early July, so I no longer need to receive the auto alert emails.

Picket Fence is a wonderful service for everyone- thank you for providing it.

Best regards,

-- Jean Semprebon, Buyer

Easier than expected!

-- Liz Joseph, White River Jct VT

Wonderful! Five days, first showing, sold at full price to pre-approved buyers - what could be better!

-- Deb Nowakowski, Jericho $234,900 (2013)

Advertising with Picket Fence Preview has been a great investment towards selling our home. We had consistent and continuous interest in our property from potential Buyers that saw our ad on the website. This has been a great service!

-- Scott Loomis, Colchester $219,000

Yesterday we signed an offer to purchase our home at 1215 Main Rd Huntington VT. By the way this was from the first buyer who responded to our ad in picket fences so our thanks to picket fences our home may soon be some one elses.

-- Faye Malouf, Huntington VT

We are so glad we sold our home by owner and used Picket Fence.  We did not use any other listing, internet or magazine.  Assuming we close without complications, this is truly the way to go for home owners selling their home!

-- Bob & Carol Butts, Waterbury $435,000

Picket Fence was fantastic in all the info a seller/buyer needs to know in selling property. Everyone we dealt with of the staff couldn't have been more helpful and supportive. You are a great company.

-- Janet & Richard Foster, Waitsfield $465,000

Once again Picket Fences came through for us! This is the second property our family has sold through Picket Fences, and again, all went smoothly! Thanks so much!

-- Michelle Fongemie-Ercole, Essex Jct $264,500

Hi! Our ad expired the day we went under contract. Please feel free to show the listing as "under contract" if you would like. Thank you for your service! This is the second home we've sold with you!

-- Lisa St. Peter, Winooski $229,000

We felt frustrated at times and almost went with a realtor but we decided to give it one more time.  It worked!  We had three offers within 10 days. We're thankful for the times we called for advice from Picket Fence and they walked us through some changes. We're thrilled!

-- Cynthia Blades, Charlotte VT

Wow. Had our place on the market for two days, and had another Picket Fence Seller come see our place and make an offer the same day. Listed on Monday afternoon, had offer which we accepted by Weds. night.

-- Dave Baird, Colchester VT

Dear Eileen, Toni, and Bill,

Our home is now under contract with a serious and committed buyer. I’m sure you have heard this many times before, but it is simply amazing how much smoother this whole process is going without the interference of a real estate agent.

Best regards and thanks again for your help and advice,

Allan and Wendy Fisher

-- Allan & Wendy Fisher, Williston VT

We read the book, de-cluttered, cleaned & painted then priced our house fairly and had a written offer within 4 days!  We closed on our house within 30 days of advertising online! Our picket fence experience was great! Thank you!!  Nick & Sandy Todisco

-- Nick & Sandy Todisco, Burlington VT

Buyer sold their property in January through Picket Fence. No buyer broker involved in either transaction. Got to love it!!!

Williston $409,500 Sold in 1 day

-- Richard Beneati, Williston VT

Within 3 days of our ad appearing on Picket Fence Preview we had 2 viewings scheduled, with the first viewer making an offer the very same day. We used PFP when we were looking to buy and can now also recommend it for sellers.

Milton $253,900

-- Andy Twite, Milton VT

This is an excellent resource! Sold in one week to out-of-state buyer $389,900

-- Liz Jackson, Williston VT

I just wanted to let you know that our house at 2187 N. Williston Rd. in Williston sold on Friday.  It's great to have that done and thanks so much to all of you for your support answering questions, etc. during our sale process.


-- Allaire Diamond, Williston VT

Picket Fence helped make this a great experience!

Essex Jct $335,000

-- Liza & Jim Kilcoyne, Essex Jct VT

I just wanted to thank you and all the folks at Picket Fence Preview for the great service you provided to me as I became a first time home seller.  The process was easy and enjoyable.  Dealing directly with potential buyers provided me great feedback about what others liked about my home; and getting to know the new owners through the selling process made me happy that I was leaving it with people who would love it as much as I had.
-- Anne Henderson, Essex Jct VT

Info you provided was very good.  All in all a good experience.

-- Lina Smith, Walden VT

Hi Bill,

Our house is under contract and we are moving to Inman, SC. We close at the end of March. 

Attending your seminar, reading your book and having your team at-the-ready by phone has certainly served us well and saved us a bundle of money.

Many thanks,

Ron and June Fisher


-- Ron & June Fisher, Fairlee VT

It only took 3 weeks and 1 day for a signed contract! We had a OPEN HOUSE 2 Weeks ago and that`s how we found a buyer. It happened quick! Thank you "PICKET FENCE " for the paperwork needed and the book. YOU saved us alot of $$$$$. So now we are buying our new home, and selling at the same time !!! CONFUSING? NOT REALLY.. We close on both next month..:) Grandview Townhouse

-- Mark Dastalto, South Burlington

Hi Bill, We did close, sold it in Oct. for $219,000.  We had other offers including the asking price, but the folks at this price could close in a month, and that worked for us.  We had it listed for a year with a realtor and I had more visits and offers in my few months with you.  Thanks, Wendy

-- Wendy Palthey, Hartford VT

We did sell our property through Picket Fence. Listed Sept 1st, under contract Sept 25th, closed Nov 30th. This was after 18 months with realtors. Thank You, Chris & Marilyn

-- Chris & Marilyn Clark, Huntington VT

Hi Bill - The house was under contract within 2 months of listing. I purchased a beautiful home in Fort Myers Fl at unbelievable price compared to the prices in Vt, and we love the weather here. Listing w/ Picket Fence prepared me well for the sale, and like you write in your book and preach in your seminars, its doable and very easy!  I'm using my experience gained and helping a friend here in Fl to sell on his own...wish their was a Picket Fence here!
Anyway, just wanted to drop a note and make you aware of my situation - Thanks for everything, and Happy New Yr.

-- Ernie Betancourt, Essex Jct, VT

We had the stand-alone cape in a condo village in Barre Town asking $239,000. We sold it for $234,000 within 3 weeks!!   Thank you for all your help and yes, we have suggested Picket Fence to many others.  Thanks again,  Bill and Roxie Spence

-- Bill & Roxy Spence, Barre, VT

We've been under contract since Sept 20 - but our buyers' financing took a long time. We were only listed with picket fence for about a month before it went under contract! AFTER 13 MONTHS WITH A REALTOR!

-- Erin Huizenga, Starksboro, VT

I just wanted to notify you that we closed on the sale of our home (8 Wildflower Lane, Putney, VT). Our home sold for $370,000. We could not be happier. Thank you so much for the service you provide. Everyone has been extremely helpful. We had our home listed with a realtor for a year without a bite. We listed our home with Picket Fence Preview beginning September  and had an offer within a month and closed on the sale November 15th! We saved over $20,000 that would have been paid out in commissions. Thank you!

Faith & George Terwilliger

-- Faith Terwilliger, Putney VT

I had a good experience with Picket Fences.  Everyone that saw the house seemed informed and serious.  My buyers saw the house shortly after it was listed but needed a little time to sell their home.  Once they were under contract, they came back and submitted a P&S.  It was nice to deal directly with my buyers. Colchester $402,000

-- Denise Monette, Colchester, VT

We advertised for six months. We had one buyer come out and he bought it!

Patience is a virtue...that pays off big!
Saved $24,900 in realtor commissions

-- Bill Fogg, Bolton $415,000

This has been a very positive experience for us. We received our first inquiry via email less than 15 minutes
after the ad was posted on the website and eventually ended up with three offers on the same day. We received numerous calls and everyone involved in the process was so helpful including the buyer who had himself just sold his house through Picket Fence.

Many Thanks to all at Picket Fence for your patience and understanding in dealing with all the questions that we were constantly asking.

Larry and Ginette Brainard, South Burlington, VT.

-- Larry and Ginette Brainard, So. Burlington $367,000

Well worth the expense. (Picket Fence is) An excellent resource for Vermonters or those would like to move to Vermont. I could not be happier with the experience.

-- Jennifer Overton, Essex $364,900

We wanted to let you know that we would not be renewing our listing in your magazine because we closed on the property today thanks to your magazine!  Everyone told us, including the staff at Picket Fence, that land was difficult to sell and it would take some time to get a sale.  It was amazing because we ran the same ad on the biggest internet real estate site as we did with Picket Fence and got no responses, but we had twenty three calls and a deposit within the first thirteen days that the Picket Fence issue came out.  As far as we are concerned, a Picket Fence listing is the only way to go when you have property to sell.   Thank you so much !


Bill and Carol Tufts 

-- Bill & Carol Tufts, Randolph Vt

Our condo sold in less then a month and a half! We had a lot of interested people, and our open houses were very successful.

-- Kim & Brendan McMahon, Richmond VT

This is the third property we have bought and sold by owner. Every time the experience is wonderful The negotiations were easy and very collaborative and we found the perfect people who will love our home as much as we do. They were the first to come and see it and we had a signed contract in 12 days!!!! Thanks for all of your help and saving us so much money in realtor fees.

-- Cortney Cahill, Winooski

We received an offer on our house within 8 days of listing it with Picket Fence. Within the first week we had at least 7 people call to view the house and numerous other email and phone inquiries. We're so pleased with this experience. The buyers were represented by a realtor but we did not pay broker fees and we received close to our asking price. I believe that all parties are very satisfied! Thank you so much for your help. You provide a wonderful service.

-- Pat Combs, Sharon VT

Ad was posted online on a Wednesday.  Buyer came to open house the following weekend and then visited twice the next week and made an offer.  I didn't sign the offer, but within a week, he'd made another offer and less than 3 weeks later, I have a signed contract.  I had the property appraised and inspected prior to listing and that helped me as well as buyers.  It was fairly priced and moved quickly.  Over 800 hits on the online ad in less than 3 weeks!

Second house in two years through Picket Fence

-- Eileen Rooney, Essex Jct

I only showed my condo once, and the Buyers made an offer. One week later my condo is under contract.  The Buyers do not have a Realtor, so the negotiation process was quick, friendly, and actually fun because we're all new to this.  We followed the guidelines from Picket Fences (the book is invaluable!) and used the contract provided.
All it takes is an ad on Picket Fences...and ONE inquiry!

-- Melissa Westerfield

Yes…we did it! They saw it on the website. These buyers sold their home last fall through Picket Fence so its a Picket Fence Preview 'family' sale so to speak.

-- Alexandria Halasz, Braintree

Picket Fence helped make this experience very easy for us.  I hope we never have to sell again, but if we do we will use Picket Fence. Waterbury $459,000

-- Scott & Tara Rogers, Waterbury

My condo at TreeTop is under contract. That was really fast! I still had my Open House on Saturday and have two more couples on my back-up list if I need it. So. Burlington, $162,000

-- Maureen Golden, So. Burlington

The seminar is what enabled us to feel that we could move forward ourselves. Having our own inspection and appraisal enabled us to value our home at an appropriate price. A smooth transition. Thank you Picket Fence for all your help. The reading material is a must!

-- Mae Gilbert, Graniteville

This was a easy and productive process.  I listed it on a Wednesday and showed my place several times before my open house was scheduled. I sold my house in less than two weeks.  Wow!!!

-- Jill Webb

If you purchased your home in the last 5 years, you can't afford to pay 6% in realtor commission fees. If you list your home with an agent you will have to pay to move...the commission will be all of your equity and then some.
Do the arithmetic before you make an expensive mistake. 6% sounds like a small number, but it translates into a big number of dollars when you're applying it to the price of real estate

-- Real Estate Reality

Did 6 months with a realtor with no sale, then did 4 months with Picket Fences (at the worst time of year; Holidays/winter) and our house is now under deposit!

-- Harmony Rooney, Colchester

Had a great experience with Picket Fences, lots of activity and very easy!

-- Alicia Rubalcaba, Barre Town

What a great experience.  We loved showing the house because being there to answer any questions people had went a long way.  Real Estate agents know so little about the house, there is no comparison.

-- Diane Burrington, Barre

We're happy we stuck with Picket Fence and didn't waste thousands of dollars dealing with a realtor who we feel wouldn't have done nearly as good a job at presenting our house.  It took us six months to sell, but we priced the property fairly from the beginning and had a very detailed fact sheet attached to the "For Sale By Owner" sign as well. The fact sheet was important, especially for the drive-bys to either entice them further, or weed them out (if the house wasn't the right size for them, etc.). Another individual would have bought our house earlier if hers had gone under contract. We showed the house to 12 different individuals/couples and had several calls and e-mails. Almost everyone who saw it loved it, but most had a house of their own to sell first. We were complimented many times on our clean, uncluttered, well maintained house.

Thanks for the service you provide at Picket Fence!

-- Judy and Doug Powell, Williston

Hi Eileen,
After over 3 months, I finally closed on my house at 2 Beartown Rd, Underhill Ctr.  The buyer who made the offer in August had challenges with financing but was finally able to come through and we closed on Nov 22. 
Buyer was local and saw my Picket Fence sign driving by my house twice a day or more. 
I got my asking price (the price that I was advertising at the time of the offer) which was about $6000 less than my original asking price.  I ended up making about $16000 on the sale, $11,000 of which would have gone to a realtor.  I'm proud of the sale and thank Picket Fence for saving me so much money and frustration. 
I look forward to selling my parents' house in the Spring on Picket Fence. 
The workshop in April was excellent.  I don't know if I would have done it if not for the workshop.  Or if I'd attempted, I may have given up and used a realtor.  I of course read and referred to the book after attending the workshop, but not sure if I would have stuck with it if I hadn't heard the speakers.
Eileen A. Rooney
-- Eileen Rooney, Underhill VT

Hi guys,

Thought you would like to know that we did sell our house to a neighbor, and have closed the deal, (without a realtor!!
It worked out very well for us and the timing was just right as we had just moved into our new house about a month before the sale.
Thanks for giving us the fortitude and know how to get it done.


-- Burt Tepfer, Putney VT

I purchased your book about 9 years ago. I followed the instructions step by step, and It enabled me to sell my house in Oregon with out paying commissions. I recommend the book to everyone that I know who is selling a house.
                                                                            Ed McShea
-- Ed McShea, Oregon

Thanks to my Picket Fence Preview I found a home. Thank you for this great service.

-- Roger Beaudoin, buyer

I wanted to (finally) write PFP to share the news of the sale of our condo. My wife and I listed the condo in mid April and it went under contract in six weeks! The entire PFP staff was very helpful and friendly, and the PFP seminar was helpful as well. I would suggest you go into more detail re: the process of dealing with a buyer who is represented by a real estate agent. Yes we sold and are happy we went through PFP, (and would do so again), but the buyer's r.e. agent left an extremely bad taste in our mouths. Maybe we just had a rare experience... At any rate, I wanted to make sure you could record us as a SALE! Thanks again, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

-- Owner, Burlington

Awesome support from Picket Fence!  We have sold by owner in another state but found your seller's seminar helpful and informative.  Anyone who is hesitant to sell by owner should attend to see how simple it really is.  Thank you Picket Fence!
Jon and Marie VanGuilder

-- Jon & Marie VanGuilder, Barre VT

All of the people who inquired and looked at the house were from Picket Fence, not craigslist or the free press. Thanks Picket Fence!

-- Kate & Ernie Brown, So. Burlington

Yes I did sell my lakefront log cabin in Averill. This is my second home I have sold through Picket Fence and I also have purchased property from your magazine. I'll be selling more real estate in the near future and I'll be using you again. Thank you ever so much - again!

-- Robert Chartier, Averill VT

We just wanted to let you know that our house is under contract and our closing is in two weeks.  We listed our house in your April and May issues and showed it twice and the second showing made an offer!  We are so excited and the process has been a piece of cake!

Mike and Kristen

-- Mike & Kristin Ziter, Williamstown VT

It has been a very easy experience!

-- Brenda Godfrey, Jericho VT

We accepted a full-price cash offer for the house and land across the road. These folks spotted us in Picket Fence and will be turing our beloved farm into an organic blueberry farm. That makes us happy. Thanks for everything!

-- Judith Peabody, Worcester VT

I'd placed a 1/4-page ad in the May and June issues of Picket Fence Preview magazine. The May issue came out on May 1st, I had 2 showings on May 3rd, and and on May 4th,an accepted offer at 97% of my asking price! Another Picket Fence success story! Not only did Picket Fence Preview bring me my buyer, but it saved me over $10,000 in real estate agent commissions. I continue to receive calls, but I am confident that this sale is "a done deal," so please pull my ad from your website and cancel & refund my June placement in PFP magazine. Thank you again for hosting the April seminar, which was enormously helpful, and for providing tools and forum that really, really work!

-- Nancy Frye, Townshend VT

We sold my mother’s house! I had 3 or 4 realtors come out before I decided to sell it myself. We received more for the house than what all of the agents told us to start at. We had the appraisal so we knew what it was worth from the beginning.  - $1,500,000 Lakefront Property

-- Jeff Heaslip, Shelburne VT

This has been a terrific experience.  We only showed our home twice because the second couple loved it and made an offer.  I think a large part of our success was paying particular attention to chapters 2 and 3 of the book.  It takes a month or two to fix up your home properly and get an appraisal.  We set the price 4% above the appraisal and the sale price ended up about 3% above appraisal. I was happy to have the buyers share some of the benefit of avoiding a sales commission.  It was wonderful to show the home ourselves on our schedule. Under Deposit -- 19 days -- $272,000 3BR Cape

-- Laura & Eric Buel, Middlesex VT

Many thanks for your help with selling our condo in Williston. We had our closing yesterday so we've finished! We very much appreciated the help of Picket Fences and would certainly recommend your services to anyone. Thanks again! $192,000 -- MountainView Estates Townhouse

-- Greg Glade, Williston VT

Working with Picket Fence has been great. We had a lot of interested generated from our ad posted with them, and will use PicketFence if we ever sell another home. Thanks, Leigh and Tim Lewis $222,000 -- 2BR Ranch

-- Leigh & Tim Lewis, Essex Jct

Thank you for your service. We've had a very good experience dealing directly with the buyer. $435,000 -- 4BR, 6.9acres -- Under Contract in 8 days

-- Tim VonReyn, Williston

Initially, we thought we could sell our house by posting for free on craigslist. We received lots of emails, but none of those leads turned into anything.  A friend encouraged us to use picket fence.  So we posted.  Most of our prospective buyers and the eventual buyer found us through picket fence. $222,900 -- 3BR New North End Saltbox -- Under Deposit in 37 days

-- Kevin Fitton, Burlington

Picket Fence has been fantastic!  We felt as though we had more than enough exposure between the combination of the website (internet ad) and the magazine ad.  We are thrilled to be under contract! $259,000 -- 2BR condo Upper College St - Under Deposit in 41 days

-- Jason Frank, Burlington

Within a couple of hours after my post was online I was called, we lined up a showing 3 days later. The next morning she called me and made an offer, we negotiated a price an agreed. 5 days later ( today) I have a purchase and sales contract signed and have a deposit... I will be your BEST advertisment and am in lending locally !!!!!! $224,999 -- 2BR home in South End - Under Deposit in 5 days

-- Lori McDonough, Burlington

We sold it! We had lots of response from Picket Fence Preview (more informed and interested than those who had seen the yard sign). $195,000 2BR house

-- Lauren Wilson, Burlington VT

Thank you very much for your help, my condo is now under contract and it won't be necessary to list it any longer.  You people were very nice to work with and although I was not allowed to put up a sign of any kind, people still found us from your booklet and online listings.

-- Peggy Emmons, Barre Vt

We were able to show the home to perspective buyers within 6 days of posting it on-line!!  What a great experience!

-- Penny Lowery-Lothian, Barre Vt

Your staff was very helpful!  Thank you for not only helping us advertise, but also providing guidance regarding working with a Buyer's Agent as a seller. Burlington $287,000

-- Matt Sayre, Burlington

Hi Bill, Please! forgive me for not letting you know that my house sold
last April through Picket Fence. I had a lot going on for several months
and it has been on my mind to let you know so that you can add me to
your statistics. I actually had 4 buyers lined up and took 2 offers.
Thanks so much for everything. I reccommend your service regularly to
people using an agent. Best

-- Cynthia Braren, Ferrisburgh

I had two offers within a month of putting my home up for sale.  One of the offers was a result of the Picket Fence ad.  The second offer -- which is the one that I accepted -- was a result of the Picket Fence 'For Sale' yard sign.  I also had a third party who indicated an interest in making an offer if the current offer fell through.

-- Carolyn Bonifield, Essex Jct $374,500

We definitely had a lot of buyer/broker interference, which was frustrating.  So many of the buyers get conned into using a broker. $385,000 Williston

-- Abby Trutor, Williston

A great service provided, which I highly recommend! $85,000 lot

-- Steve Lowther No. Ferrisburgh

We tried to cheap-out at first using CraigsList but all we got were losers who had no chance of ever affording our place in this lifetime. Once we went into Picket Fence we sold within 3 weeks and had lots of qualified leads. Burlington $415,000

-- Jim Carnahand, Burlington

Wonderful couple looking for a home closer to their children and grandchildren.  What a pleasure to do business with them!  We enjoyed the interaction with potential buyers and who knows more about our home than us!  This is why we chose Picket Fence and not a realtor...not to mention, no real estate commission!

-- Karen Fuller No Fayston

Another wonderful experience selling through Picket Fence!

-- Karen Yankowski, South Burlington

I would like to thank everyone at Picket Fence's for all there help and wisdom with the process of selling our home. The first couple that saw our home put it under contract. They saw it in the July issue and that was it. Thanks Again.
 James & Jill Desranleau 42 Andrea Lane Milton, Vt.
-- James & Jill Desranleau Milton, Vt.

Currently under contract.  Buyers viewed ad on the Picket Fence website and became interested, they became very interested when I posted an open house.  One of 4 couples who view the property and they quickly came back with an offer within days! Milton townhouse $182,000

-- Patrick Gallagher, Milton

Our buyer was 'working' with a buyer broker whi wasn't showing them anything of interest so they decided to look themselves and found us on PFP

-- Lewis Meier, Essex Jct

Hello to everyone at the Picket Fence office.

I am pleased to announce that yesterday we closed on our land sale.

The Picket Fence is definitely the way to go.  I took more than 100 calls, 81 of which were at length calls with seemingly serious potential buyers.  I showed the land to large groups of people on Saturdays for several weekends.  I had a back up list of 18 people who wanted to be notified immediately if the sale that was in the works failed for some reason.

-- Debbie McNeil, Weathersfield Vt

Toni of Picket Fence was always extremely supportive, helpful, and a real cheerleader while the house was on the market during these dismal, financial times. The letters that arrived by mail and email were also quite useful in keeping me informed of trends in the real estate market. Thanks Toni!

-- Corinne Girouard, Hanover NH

This is our second house we've sold on Picket Fence in 4 years.  We've now saved over $56,000 in real estate commissions by using Picket Fence. Beth Loveless

-- Beth Loveless Williston VT

You're just plain stupid if you use a realtor to sell your house. This is the first time we've sold on our own and Picket Fence made it easy for us.

Keith Meyer Fairfax Vt

-- Keith Meyer Fairfax

We had our home listed with an agent for 1 year with no response.  After listing our home with Picket Fence Preview things really picked up.  Agents will tell you should not to be home for showings and leave everything to them. I truly believe only you know the beauty of your home and the area, so who better to sell your home than yourself.  We were able to answer any question the buyers had on the spot.  Thanks to Picket Fence for their advertising and all the information we received to make the process so simple and much less stressful, not to mention the money we saved!

-- Amy & Duncan Currier, Fairfield

Please unsubscribe me to the new property alerts at this time...we have purchased our dream home! This is a great service and we used it a lot!

-- V. Darby

I should have known better. I was convinced by a realtor friend to let him list my property (I was burned out from dealing with the state over an Act 250 Permit). 8 months later with nothing from the agent I needed to sell this house. I advertised it in Picket Fence and, you're not going to believe this,  it SOLD the FIRST DAY the magazine came out. Ironically my agent friend initially said that Picket Fence didn't have the reach that MLS did - based on my experience I would say that MLS doesn't have the reach that Picket Fence does!

-- Tom Wyckoff, Jeffersonville

One hour after Picket Fence posted our ad on the internet, we had an interested buyer. Ten days later, the Purchase & Sales contract was signed. From ad to sale - FIFTEEN DAYS!

Thanks you Picket Fence!
Chuck & Jean-Carol Dunham,

-- Chuck Dunham Shelburne

I sold my Milton home for more than my asking price $495,000 vs $489,000...I sell all my homes through Picket Fence...it works great! - Dan Coolbeth, Milton Vt $495,000 SOLD

-- Dan Coolbeth, Milton

Thanks for your help and assistance in selling our home. It moved much quicker than we anticipated in this market. This is the 3rd time we've used Picket Fence and it is always a rewarding experience! We're moving to Cape Cod after the closing, best of luck! -  John and Anne Endicott, Arlington Vermont, SOLD $145,000

-- John & Anne Endicott, Arlington Vt

I was really impressed with the quality of the buyers that came to us (as a result of our Picket Fence ad). I used to be in the real estate business, and would estimate that 95% of the buyers were qualified to purchase the property. A few were pretty high-powered local business people shopping for family members; I was surprised to see how across-the-board your magazine readership is.

-- Bill Homans, Colchester VT


I am pleased to request our house at 8 Whipple Rd, Lebanon, be moved to the ‘under deposit’ category.  We listed our house on a Wednesday in mid June.  We got a call on Thursday from someone who saw the listing at Picket Fence online. THAT"S ONE DAY! Since the magazine has come out, we have received a steady number of calls each week.

   Our house had been on the market for a year and a half.  We tried MLS, a national for sale by owner website (that generated nothing but Nigerian spam ‘offers’), signs, ads and open houses.  A four bedroom colonial in the $500,000’s, our house was a ‘trade up’ house in the deadest part of a slow market. Picket Fence Preview came through with a cost effective way to present our home to interested buyers, and provided excellent resource materials.  I would heartily recommend it.

C. Harrison and Margaret Trumbull

-- Harrison Trumbull, Lebanon NH

“I am writing this note to share my success story of selling my home in Randolph Vermont.  I am pleased to tell you that I sold my home in less than 1 week.  The people who bought my home saw the listing on your internet site prior to July’s publication!   I have received calls daily from people who are eager to see my house!  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Picket Fences for the opportunity that they have given me in saving thousands!!! 
Yes, approximately 14 thousand dollars!!!”
Thank you,

-- Sherri Rosenberg, Randolph Vermont

“All the inquiries we received were from the magazine. Our buyers are local, making an offer after 2 weeks of advertising. The offer price was our asking price! Thanks!”

-- Brenda Beaudin, Williamstown VT

“Hi Toni,
Ironically, the day I sent you the email saying we hadn’t had any luck, a couple who saw our ad in Picket Fence -- a couple we hadn’t heard from in a month -- called with an offer. So anyway, the house is under contract...!”

-- Courtney Giknis, Northfield

“It’s Sold! Picket Fence did the job!

I had an amazing response. A real estate agent tried to tell me to put it on the market for $40,000, hoping to get $35,000.

I put it with you at $70,000 and could have probably gotten more!!”

-- Craig Ward, Peacham

"Hi, Bill!  

I have now had four different successes with Picket Fences!  I listed my house in Essex Junction on your website.  I had at least ten calls in the first few days, and four days after the ad appeared, I showed the house to an interested young couple, and we now have a contract.  I am writing to ask you to insert "under contract" beneath the picture of my ad.  Thanks again for this opportunity.”

-- Elizabeth Winters, Essex Junction

“Hi Bill,

All of our homes in Grand Isle have sold!

 We had a lot of traffic from Picket Fence!

So,that means that I’ll get another new ad to you 
for this Friday, plus new web listings.



-- Jodi, Champlain Housing Trust

"Thanks for the note, and thanks to Picket Fence for selling our house.  This house was listed with 2 different Real Estate companies over the past  year, to no avail.  I had more action in 2 weeks with Picket Fence than they  had in a year, could have sold a couple more like it, and actually did sell  another home package because of it. Agents kept telling me that the market  I was in was "dead", and they were right. The "Real Estate agent" market is  "dead", not the Real Estate market. We sold for $377,500 and were asking $378,900."

-- Cheryl LeTourneau, St. Alban

“Bill, I was wondering if you could change the status of our property to under contract, on the web site.  In 4 days, we had 3 offers, while our neighbors, selling the same condo through a Realtor have had theirs on the market for 2 months, and counting!

-- Jason Berthe, Williston

The biggest fee that you'll ever pay is a 6 or 7% real estate commission.

-- Words of wisdom

One of the nicest things about selling on our own was that we were in control of the showing schedule. We didn't have to leave the house in the morning and wonder if people were going to look at it. We had an answering machine -- people called -- we called them back and would set up a time at our mutual convenience.

-- Ben Hale, Waitsfield VT

We are under contract but I didn't want to write to say we've sold until we've really sold. The Picket Fence experience is awesome. We definitely prefer to buy and sell our homes direct with other owners...Honestly, your magazine and the popularity of it encouraged us to start dealing direct and it has been the best experience. Now we find that realtors complicate things more than simplify. This process is not that difficult and thank you for providing the service that you do

-- Lori Jacobs, Huntington

"We sold our farm! We are very pleased with the calls we got. We received 8 - 10 calls, mostly from our internet ad. But the buyers came carrying Picket Fence Preview in their hands. A realtor told us we'd never sell this on our own -- I can't wait to tell her she was wrong."  $1,000,000 Sale Price

-- Doris Bushey, Shelburne $1M sales price

I need to cancel my ad -- we've had a change of heart. We had such a tremendous response to our ad, within just hours on the internet, that we're rethinking our plan. We thought we wanted another second home on a different lake, but now we're realizing what a special place we have and don't want to let it go - at least not for now Thanks for everything - you guys were so easy to work with 

-- Win Whitcomb, Groton

It's under deposit to a couple from Washington State - all cash! Then I got another offer from a New Jersey couple for $20,000 more! But since I already agreed to the earlier couple I went with that. I'm glad I didn't waste time with a realtor

-- Diane Coyne, St. Albans

If you purchased your home in the last 5 years, you can't afford to pay 6% in realtor commission fees. If you list your home with an agent you will have to pay to move...the commission will be all of your equity and then some.
Do the arithmetic before you make an expensive mistake. 6% sounds like a small number, but it translates into a big number of dollars when you're applying it to the price of real estate

-- Words of wisdom

“Our house on South Cove Road, Burlington, closed on Monday June 2. Sold! We got a fair price and the new owners are very happy. It took a lot of patience in this market but the time and effort was well worth saving thousands of dollars that would have gone to a realtor!”?

-- Margy Cain, Burlington

“This house was on the market from April to October with a realtor - no offers, although some 40 people looked at the house. This year through Picket Fence it was on the market in April and about 25 people have called and it’s under deposit. You’ve been great!”

-- Charles Norris-Brown, Westford

"The buyers are from Barre, they were very familiar with the neighborhood and they saw the house for sale on Picket Fences. They had hired a real estate agent over a year ago but they became increasingly irritated with the realtor’s efforts. Once the contract expired, they started looking on their own. Does this sound familiar! On my end, your book helped a great deal. You were right...it’s not that difficult!?Thank you so much for all the information...it really helped me sell my house on my own...and save me thousands of dollars!”

-- Jeff Chiodi, Barre

“We have had our house advertised for 3 months on Craig’s List, 2 months with a realtor. We had more inquiries in 5 DAYS in Picket Fence, than we had in the previous 5 months. We had an offer on the sixth day, and signed purchase and sales on Day 9! Thanks, we couldn’t be more pleased.” ?

-- Sarah Young, Fairfax

"Our previous listing in Stowe...went under contract. The buyer was a lead developed out of the ad we ran for two months with your publication. Ironically they were one of the first calls we had, but it took about twelve weeks for them to get to a decision. Thought you should know that we were (again) successful using Picket Fences."

-- Darrow Mansfield, Stowe

“Hi Bill, I am the very happy FORMER owner of 62 Seth Circle in Williston. The closing was yesterday. Please mark my internet as as SOLD. If you would like a testimonial, here it is: My townhome was under contract in three weeks and sold in seven weeks this winter (2008), and I saved $10,000 in commissions! I got lots of calls from the internet ad and even more once the magazine came out. Thank you very much”

-- Beth Wright , Williston

Hi Toni, The house we advertised with you is now Under Contract! For your information, the house went under contract on Sunday evening. (less than 2 weeks). We are very pleased with the results from Picket Fence Preview.

-- John King, Thetford VT

Sorry I didn't return the call I am just getting into the office. I have had good luck selling properties in PFP over the years (six houses and counting). Each time we have had good response from the ad with qualified and interested buyers from not only Vt. but out of state and one very interested buyer from England. I also get a number of calls from brokers whose clients see the ad in PFP and still want to work though a broker. None of these have worked out for me. I have always had success with PFP and I recomend it to everyone.  Shelburne 1+ million

-- Brian Precourt, Shelburne

Hello Bill & Staff, I'm pleased to inform you that we have SOLD our home in Hinesburg. When we advertised our open house we had 18 different families come and look and even had some offers that day! We stayed focused on the price and even though the market is soft we sold the property for nearly what we were asking. I would highly recommend anyone to use your services as we saved over $25,000.00 in commissions and were not distracted by commission based decisions! Thank you very much for everything, we greatly appreciate your help in this huge move my family and I have undertaken to Northern California.

-- Brad Smith & family, Hinesburg

The American Dream, to me, isn't that I can buy a house, it is that I can sell my own house!

-- Peggy Russell, Seattle, WA via email

We had 37 people show up to our open house . Three people were very interested, including the one who we signed a contract with. And we met some very nice people too. I was apprehensive about this at first, but it went fine. I think I like it this way (Picket Fence) better. I think buyers like dealing directly with the owner too.

-- Bob Carlson, Burlington, VT