Why Picket Fence Preview was Started


We're just like you!


Homeowners who had a property to sell and realized that there must be a better way than using a real estate agent.


We started this publication 22 years ago after a very frustrating time trying to both buy a home and sell our condo through the classified ads.  We had been using an agent to help us find a house, and grew tired of being shown houses that just weren’t for us. We wanted to see color photos of the interior and exterior, and we also believed that if we could advertise our condo with color interior pictures, it would sell right away. We started the business to accomplish those goals! Necessity is the mother of invention.


We are not real estate agents. Conceptually, what we do could not be further apart from what agents do. The biggest myth in real estate is that you need an agent to sell a house. Obviously, that is not true. Our 'mission' is to empower the private homeseller with the knowledge, resources and confidence to successfully sell their own real estate and avoid real estate commissions entirely. We have been quite effective in achieving that goal.


Over the years, Picket Fence has developed into one of the most successful and effective for sale by owner services in the nation. We are always striving to improve the effectiveness of our services for our homesellers and buyers, and are proud to know that when someone says "I'm going with Picket Fence" that is synonymous with successfully selling on your own.


Homes sell themselves; Picket Fence optimizes and streamlines that process, all for the cost of an ad. A well-maintained, fairly-priced home will SELL ITSELF if properly advertised. Selling a home is an orderly step-by-step process that anyone can easily do. In fact, many of our advertisers still today remark how really easy the process was after all! Once a buyer is obtained (that's what we do) your attorney and the buyer's lender take over. And the process after a buyer is found is the same whether you sell though Picket Fence or use an agent. In fact, because you won't have an agent meddling in between the lawyer and lender, things will flow more smoothly because fewer opportunities for 'dropped balls' will occur.


At the time the business was started, Bill was a neuroscientist at UVM; Toni was an advertising and marketing executive for a downtown Burlington firm.  Our eldest daughter, Anna, was one year old at the time (we’ve since had two more children: Laura and Rayne).


We will forever be grateful to the 22 advertisers in our first magazine (September 1993) that took a chance with us and a publication that was a novel concept at the time!


Picket Fence has become the national benchmark for by owner real estate not only in how to effectively market property better than agents but also in the realm of real estate education. Real estate agents mystify, obfuscate and confuse and promote misinformation designed to preserve their place as highpriced middleman while Picket Fence empowers hardworking homeowners with the confidence to sell it themselves and retain their hard-earned equity.


Our How to Sell Your Own Home book is used nationwide as the manual of how to sell a home for over 20 years. The book has received many accolades from personal finance writers and national publications such as:The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, SmartMoney Magazine, CNBC, CNN, The New York Times, Good Housekeeping Magazine and just about every large regional newspaper including the Chicago Tribune, Denver Post, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle. 

Thank you for advertising your property in Picket Fence Preview.



Bill & Toni Supple

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Picket Fence Preview helps homeowners sell real estate on their own without being alone with comprehensive marketing, information, documents and support material. For sale by owner homes, condos, townhouses, land, commercial, investment and rental property.