Why Picket Fence Preview was Started


We're just like you! Homeowners who had a property to sell and realized that there must be a better way than using a real estate agent.


We started this publication 25 years ago in 1993 after a very frustrating time trying to both buy a home and sell our condo through the classified ads.  We had been using an agent to help us find a house, and grew tired of being shown houses that just weren’t for us. We wanted to see color photos of the interior and exterior, and we also believed that if we could advertise our condo with color interior pictures, it would sell right away. We started the business to accomplish those goals! Necessity is the mother of invention.


We are not real estate agents. We are media publishers; we started with a full color magazine and then added the internet (after it was invented!). Our 'mission' is to empower the private homeseller with the knowledge, resources and confidence to successfully sell their own real estate and avoid real estate commissions entirely. We realized early on that the bigeest myth in real estate is that an agent is necessary to sell a home.


At the time the business was started, Bill was a neuroscientist at The University of Vermont, Toni was an advertising and marketing executive for a downtown Burlington firm.  Our eldest daughter, Anna, was one year old at the time (we’ve since had two more children: Laura and Rayne). Our children grew up along with the business, and we are grateful that they have all helped out in various ways over the years and hope they learned the value of hard work and persistence.


We will forever be grateful to the 22 advertisers in our first magazine (September 1993) that took a chance with us and a publication that was a novel concept at the time!


Thank you for your support of Picket Fence Preview.



Bill & Toni Supple, Picket Fence Preview



Picket Fence Preview helps homeowners sell real estate on their own without being alone with comprehensive marketing, information, documents and support material. For sale by owner homes, condos, townhouses, land, commercial, investment and rental property.